25 books – three


In the depths of my brain I guess i had heard of Lord Peter Whimsey and Dorothy L Sayers but I’d never read any of her books. While I was reading a book The Secret Notebooks of Agatha Christie (which I haven’t finished yet) Dorothy L Sayers was mentioned a few times as she was around at the same time as Agatha was and I decided to give Lord Peter a whirl.

I picked this one at random and the woman at the checkout in the book shop said it was one of her favourite books.

It has taken a few weeks to read and I think my brain has been mangled by the fast paced teenage and vampire-y stuff i have read in recent months because I found this book interminably slow. There is no doubt that the writing is brilliant and you really get to know all about the characters and their lives and the surrounding area of the fens. My favourite parts were the beautiful descriptions of the bells in the Church and it has made me want to go and find a church that still had ringers just so I can listen to change ringing first hand.

But it could have been shorter. I know, I know, it was written in a different time where life was, I hate to use the word simpler but I think that is a fair description of life in 1934. (Even accepting the fact that Europe was about to be consumed by another War.)

This is one of those times when having a target of books to read in a year has its downside as I was conscious of weeks passing and only having read two books. That may have robbed me of some of the enjoyment and although not a favourite I would try another Dorothy L Sayers book and probably will re-read The Nine Tailors just to make sure I haven’t done it an injustice.