Moving….. forwards, yes, forwards

I want to move forwards. Not to stay still.

And at this time of year renewal and change is everywhere you look.

A fresh new start. Healthy eating, more exercise, clearing out cupboards………..

I said yesterday that I was jumping on that bandwagon for better or worse. I like the kick start the new year brings.

There is the idea out there on the fringes of my vision. Of better or different, the dream of becoming something more.

Under normal everyday circumstances I don’t like change. It is a challenge to make me do anything a bit different. But sometimes even stick in the mud boring old me knows when it’s time to shake things up a bit and would you believe it, it usually comes at the start of the year.

So I have been pondering life. My life, our life.

I have no demands on my time apart from work. So I can choose to do nothing or something and I often choose nothing. Well wiling away the day on the internet. But doing nothing isn’t healthy for mind or the body.

But how do you make a change? 

I like the idea of schedules. Somehow, even though I know I’ve set them myself, it seems more achievable if I’ve made a bargain with myself to achieve something that day.

Also I know from past experience that when Gav and I make a list of jobs to do around and about the house we get more things crossed off and accomplished with a list than without one so they do work.

With that in mind I have made a list, several lists:

Things I want to do

Sewing, scrapbooking, working on the family tree, gardening and growing flowers, reading 25 books this year, improving my photography, writing, work on the click tick list, go out to see a film with Gav once a month.

Things I must do

Increase time with my family, thinking about work and the rest of my working life, get back on the healthier eating regime, think about my wish to be more eco/green etc, learn more about HTML and CSS from Gav.

And stop wasting time on this laptop!

Things I want to do on the Blog

I’ve mentioned Karen here before. After reading her blog for a while and getting my head around her need to schedule things I saw the beauty of it.

Most of the things listed below follow on from my musts and wants above.

Walk through the process of scrapbooking a layout a week, make 30 soups this year and share the recipes, share a sewing project a month, garden photo’s every month, documenting project flowers, share the 25 books, keep up to date with any progress on the click tick list.

It’s good to get things down on paper and see the shape of the tasks that lie ahead. It’s exciting and uplifting. We can do what we want.

I can do it. 

I will be back with more details on this project 2012 soon. Are you making changes and tweaks in this year 2012?