Month: January 2012

Weekly layout – week four

Welcome to week four. I’m still here keeping on scrapbooking and getting it all down how I got to the final page.

This week I didn’t use an old page as a jumping off point but I’m sure I’ll get back to that process. Instead I drew on inspiration from a new to me blog. I found it through the The Green Frog Studio blog.

I was inspired by Marcy’s unique pages, her use of white and limited other colours. I had pulled out a couple of old photos and they were very pale as they were all snowy and I was drawn to use Marcy’s style to scrap them.

Anyway I wanted to keep muted colours on this lo so as not to distract from the pictures. As I say these are quite old pictures taken about 14 years ago and are 7 x 5. Initially I was going to crop them but decided against it. I think because of the white background larger photos still works and the final page doesn’t look too crowded.

I don’t know why I do not use white more often. Maybe because I can’t resist buying the pretty coloured cardstock and then I make myself use it. I love the white and every single lo I’ve done using a white background I adore. Hmm……

  I used a Crafters Workshop stencil from Julie Balzer (love her!) on a tag with antique linen Distress ink.

I moved the elements around on the page for ages before I went for this placement. And I like it not just because the three groupings act as the old triangle and direct your eye to the pictures.

That ‘G’ stamp was a happy purchase from Papersource when we were in the US in 2008. I may have only used it a couple of times but it makes me soooo happy.

I used a Hero Arts woodgrain stamp and stamped it onto kraft cardstock with black ink. I punched a scalloped circle and another circle punch to make a hole in the larger one. You can see the Crafters Workshop stencil better in this shot too. I think it might be a new fav.

I added a metal tag from the ideaology Tim Holtz line and a 7 Gypsies brad.

And there we have it page number four and I have to admit I love love it.

The sweet smell of ……..bread

My dearest Husband has been doing a happy dance recently because our bread maker has turned up its electrical toes and gone to the scrap heap in the sky. And he is happy because now he can buy the all singing all dancing bread maker.

Actually I clicked the ‘add to Amazon basket’ the other day and it arrived the other day.

He was so giddy. Sometimes life is truly wonderful seeing someone’s true happiness even if it just over a bread maker! After pouring over the instruction\recipe book he declared that he’s going to make all of the recipes in the book. So I made a deal with him.

If he makes them I’ll blog about them. I think mine is the harder of that bargain…..

And then while I was getting a lovely shot so could blog it, he decided he needed his breakfast.

Cute, cute and just a little bit cute

Practicing my shutter speeds yesterday at the park but couldn’t resist taking a few pretty pictures of this fella. He looks like a little toy dog here. And his harness is perfectly in focus………

But he is a sweetie pie in focus or not.

Click – brain overload

Remember the other week I mentioned I was taking this online workshop? Well we are in week two and the little brain is working overtime.

I know that photography is a vast and complex subject but wow – photography is a vast and complex subject!

Patience is not my strong point. Reading instructions isn’t either. Hmm….. Did I think this one through?

I mean look at all those dials and stuff….

But whether I’ve done the right thing or not I am going to push myself and not just because this was quite an expensive course and if Gav doesn’t see any improvements I’ll be in trouble. Honest. I’m going to push myself because I believe I can grasp it.

Okay, believe is a strong word but I’m working on believing it and while I’m working on that I can take lots photographs and I love doing that so it’s win win. Right?  


30 Soups – 1 – Celeriac and Blue Cheese

I followed this recipe but didn’t add the cream just a little milk while warming through after the blitzing.

It was delicious and I even got Gav to try it!

(We are weekly Riverford  customers  – from their sister farm River Swale –  getting a box of organic vegetables and fruit to supplement our own grown)

One down 29 to go.

Eggnog Latte

I know what you’re thinking. Eggnog Lattes are done and dusted in Starbucks. And you would be right. Sort of.

Let me explain.

On Christmas Eve my Mum, sister, brother in law and niece popped into said coffee shop. I was feeling all Christmassy and decided to try an Eggnog Latte. I had tried one a couple of years ago but thought they were a bit too sweet.

Well my addiction was born. In the week following Christmas I had four! And got a couple of extras in before the Christmas drinks were set to dissapear on 5th January.

My sister, who is also an  eggnog addict, sent me a text the day before the dissapearence, telling me they had run out in a Leeds store and all my hopes of having a final latte were dashed.

But – I love a but in a story. But, I called at our local ‘Bucks a couple of days later and very quietly asked the barista “you don’t have any eggnog left do you?” And to my joy they did. In fact yesterday they still had some. And we felt all secret society becuase we two knew about the eggnog and no one else did. Well in my head that’s the story.  

Hoorah for Eggnog Latte. Only 41 weeks to go till their return…..

For the love of the park

I rediscovered my love of the park the other day. It had been missing recently and I’d started to get there through and out the other side as fast as I could.

But with the frost still fiercely on the ground and a glint of hazy sunshine though the clouds all the beauty there is to see was visible to me once more.

I love a cold cold but bright winters day. It is a change from our usual dreary weather.

I took the camera so I could practice but was thwarted by the camera shy Buddles and of course the frosty ground messed up the white balance! (I really don’t know what that is or clearly how to fix it.) 

He just refused to look up when I called his name……..

All he wanted was a stick.

Which he found and then ate. Nice.

But at least I did get some practice in and that’s a good thing and I found that I still do love our park.

Tried and Tested

I’d heard about this sandwich. It sounded rather delicious but somehow I wasn’t convinced and I guess I never tried it because we rarely have butter in the house because err…. we eat it.

But last Saturday when I was feeling ill with my cold – did I mention I had a cold – I decided a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich was perfect cold feeding food. Plus Gav was out so I didn’t have to feel guilty whilst slathering the butter into the pan. I used this recipe.

And the verdict?

Absolutely yum scrum.

Might have to try it again though, you know just to make sure.

Thanks Elvis.

Weekly Layout – week two

Welcome to the second week of the challenge to keep myself scrapping and sharing a little of how I got from photos to layout. This week I chose photographs from my 21st Birthday. That’s a long time ago now!

I have been going through older pictures as part of the class I did last year at Big Picture Classes and throughout the sorting process I’ve selected some that I want to scrap.

It can be a challenge to put pictures onto the page from many years ago. Perhaps because the photos stirred a memory of sorts, but not all the facts of the story. Or maybe you can’t remember the event but love the picture. And in this instance I was tempted to wax lyrical about the young and innocent, life ahead of me etc etc. The perspective approach but in the end I kept to some of the facts I did manage to recall.

I had three photos and wanted to keep two of the pictures large to show my happy face on that morning so didn’t crop them from their 6 x 4 size. The other one I cropped to hone in on the action of my gift opening.

I decided to go for a grid type page this week, placing the pictures on the page and filling in the gaps with patterned paper to create a slightly off centre square. I used Bazzil light grey cardstock for the background.

Here are some papers and embelishments I pulled out.

I punched a strip of Basic Grey paper with a bubble punch from Martha Stewart and layered a sticker border on top of that I used it to anchor the square.

You can see the border a little clearer here as well as my title. Bright pink thickers from American Crafts. The tiny pink and white spotted paper is from Craftwork Cards. The scallop bracket shapes are a cut up frame that was part of an old Basic Grey sticker sheet. That addition was totally out of my comfort zone but I like how it broke up the squares.

 I added the little crown and the tag with an ‘M’ from the thickers along with a pearl ended pin. 

All that’s left to do is add the journaling and it’s complete.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, scrapping your past can be a challenge but usually a worthwhile one. I’m glad I’ve added this event to the collection of my stories and made another page in this year of 2012.


There was a hard frost again overnight. But because of the clear skies we had a lovely sunny day and an opportunity for a photo or two. Here is a Mahonia covered in the sparkly white stuff.

I am still however, itching for snow.