26 Books – a review

I know I’m not there yet. I have three yet to read but I was thinking about the past year after reading some great blog posts over here. I like Karen’s style and her outlook on life.

I was inspired to look back and review my year. Usually at this time of year we are wrapped up in festivities and looking forward to the New Year and a fresh start. I know that newspapers and news programmes do reviews of the year but I’ve never thought of doing a review of my year or any aspect of it.

I thought it might be fun to look back at the books I’ve read this year and how through my quest to read 26 books I have travelled to wonderful, weird and entertaining places.

I am in awe of authors. How they manage to sit down and create a people and times we want to be part of. Stories we want to read. How they paint pictures and create emotions with words. Awesome!

Here’s where I’ve been this year.

I found myself swept away fighting demons and falling in love in Manhattan, indulging in delicious food and inspiring thoughts in Italy and Thailand, floating like a little rain cloud in a bright blue sky in the 100 acre wood, transported into space and who knows where else by artificial intelligence, plunged into murder and intrigue in Tuscany, awash with blood in North Yorkshire and living a simple yet beautiful life in 1860’s New England.  

I’ve seen through the eyes of a teenage vampire, an ancient vampire, a quadriplegic, a white haired little old English lady, a space cowboy, a young and vain aristocrat, an author, a talentless actor and a rather scant of brain yellow bear who might be rather partial to honey.   

It’s been an enjoyable, thought provoking and entertaining year. I’ve learned that I quite like my comfort zone when it comes to reading but now and again I’m glad to step beyond it.

I’m not convinced I’ll reach my target. I have two books waiting to be read but I just haven’t been in the mood recently. But whether I make it or not I like the challenge. A goal, something to aim for and I know that while I’m aiming for it I am doing the most amazing thing in the world.