Month: December 2011

December Daily – Day 25

Here is day 25 and the before shot above.

I had lots of photographs I could have chosen for the album so I picked ones that I felt highlighted the day for me and that I would love to look back on.

To the left of the envelope I used a picture of my niece, the red and white paper is from a card envelope that I loved so thought I’d include it in the spread.

On the front of the envelope I added a picture of my Mum and my niece taken after Christmas dinner.

I typed my journaling onto white card and printed it out. I found the idea of being a witness to the days events, as well as a participant of course, an interesting standpoint and wanted to include my feelings about that.

I added a further page to include more pictures, behind the envelope.

I used a fold up page again so I was able to include more pictures.  I adore that photo because you can see a teeny glimpse of me in the mirror too. The narrow strip of red and white spotted ribbon was on a gift from my sister. I love spots so in that went too.

There is one more picture on the back of the fold up page but I forgot to photograph it!

And that is it.

I will get round to completing the remaining days and posting them but for now I feel it’s good to go – so to speak.

25 days of December and Christmas fun. Thanks Ali and thanks to everyone who visited my blog and the lovely comments.

Happy New Year for 2012 to you all.


Number 24

I found this book here

It’s another teenage fiction, I like Karen, seem to enjoy them.  The main character was an interesting young lad seeing his world change before his eyes and moving with it, accepting change and growth.

I think I might try another of his.

As this year is quickly drawing to a close I need to admit that I’m not going to make it to 26 books.

But I’m happy with my attempt and might just try it again next year. It would be my forth year of counting the books I read. You can see my original post about books read here.

Maybe 25?


It’s 7.49pm. I’ve been watching films since 10.30am.

Yes. The Lord of the Rings.

Ten years ago almost to the day Gav and I went to see the first film the Fellowship of the Ring at the cinema. Gavin had been so excited to show me the trailer two years before that and we waited patiently and were rewarded as we thought the film was brilliant. I had no previous knowledge of the story. Gav had read and loved the books and tried to read me the first one but we didn’t get far, I kept falling asleep…..

But I digress.

After all three films were released on DVD we sat down during our Christmas hols and indulged in watching the three back to back. The following year we did the same. I sat and cried and became depressed at the happy\sad ending and after the third year on the trot I said we needed a rest from the traumas of Mount Doom.

So we are watching them every other year.

The funny thing is though, is that ten years of my life have passed by while watching this story unfurl on the screen. Ten years.

It has been part of almost a quarter of my life. I find that remarkable. Remarkable that time has zipped by so fast. Remarkable that I still love watching them and remarkable that they have carved a place in my heart. It must be because it’s such a wonderful story of good triumphing over evil.

I am glad Gavin showed me that trailer twelve years ago and that we allowed the story into our lives that I cry even at some happy scenes.   

I needed to document this affection. Thanks for bearing with me.

Here’s to another ten years.

December Daily – Day 22

Hello day 22.

I had high hopes of keeping up these last few days but it didn’t happen. Frustrating but there you go.

I went to the ballet with my niece and sister. It was a great end to another busy day. I don’t do busy so it’s a huge shock to my system.

I wanted to include part of the programme from the performance and simply adhered it to cardstock and added a stamped sentiment and star that I had stamped onto kraft card.

I also wanted to keep the tickets and spotted an envelope form a card we had received. I liked the franked image and the postage stamp. You can see those below. I folded the envelope over to fit the album and placed a die cut snowflake over the seam. I copied the angle of the opening of the envelope on the right hand side to indicate that there was treasure inside!

I added the journaling onto the card already prepared. It reads:

The last of the wrapping. Craziness out there at the shops went to M and S with Mum. My list isn’t getting any smaller but almost done with family cards, next year I’m buying them. But then a treat. The Ballet with Hannah and Bev. H was bored but loved the little binoculars.

And that was Day 22.

December Daily – day 18

Our final day in the beautiful village of Bamburgh, our journey home via a favourite beach and a note of the evening we had celebrating the season at my Mums.

Just had to show this little page. It’s the reverse of the photograph of us having coffee. I punched the scalloped circle and then a smaller circle from journal cardstock. I stamped the merry Christmas with my new favourite stamp and added a really old K and Company stocking brad. So adorable and I love a homemade embellishment.

One of the reasons I love this style of album, all the mixed page sizes give you the chance to sneak a peek what’s coming on the next page. The shot above shows this really well.

The story of the day. It was a challenge writing on the reverse of those bobbles!

And finally a photograph of us on the beach in a fantastic place near Dunstanburgh Castle. I adhered the photo to some spotty cardstock and added the word ‘traditions’ along the bottom of the photograph in photoshop and copied it three times getting it to go off the edges of the picture. I then reduced it’s opacity to 40% so the photograph can be seen through the words.

I added this page slightly higher so you can see the lines of the journal page for the 19th below the photo of the 18th – if that makes any sense.

Glad to be back on the December Daily bandwagon. Can’t believe how time is flying though.

How are you all getting on?

December daily – Day 16 and 17

We spent the last two days in one of out favourite places. Bamburgh, Northumberland.

We were married near here four years ago.

I apologise for the bad lighting, and some blur on the photos today.

Here are the pages for the 16th.

I added my journaling to the already prepared little card.

On the back of the journaling is a picture of the box of supplies I took with me for the December Daily. It says document the documenting. I love the idea that you capture the process. And I threw those supplies together so was quite pleased I had all I needed for our break away.

The next page is a photo I took of myself in the hotel room mirror. Loved that full length mirror, wish I had one!

The village green is always decorated for the season with tons of twinkle lights. I was experimenting again with trying to get that wonderful blur on the lights. I added the ‘twinkle, twinkle’ in photoshop before printing. I chose blue coloured type to echo the really starry lights in the top left of the photograph.

Day 17.

I used a full size photo for this page and added a hand cut banner and metal brad heart. We were married in the castle behind us.

Just showing the pre-prepared transparency.

The envelope I didn’t use on 13th was put to good use here. I liked the ‘remember’ tag, it fit the day perfectly and I added some receipts and other paper bits and bobs from our travels that day. I added my journaling onto the reverse of the envelope.

The last page for the 17th is a picture of the two of us and Buddy in the lounge at the hotel enjoying a coffee. A similar picture was in a couple of my other December Daily’s so it’s a bit of a tradition.

Simply added the punched half circle and snowflake for some contrast.

Great memories.

December Daily – Day 15

Simple additions for today. Snippets of the wrapping paper I am using this year. I already had the cut down page protectors so just slipped the paper in and wrote ‘it’s a wrap’ on the back of the reindeer paper.

I seem to be in love with my white pen,

Also love including the wrapping paper not only to show fashions and trends but to remind me not to duplicate next year!

December Daily – Day 13

Day 13.

I removed the original red envelope which had the 13 already on it as I wanted to journal directly on that great picture of the latte and the muffin. I um’d and ah’d before changing my original pages but am glad I went with the change as I adore the story printed directly onto the picture.

I mixed three different sticker\rub on fonts for the title.

On the reverse of the picture I put a cut out part of the Starbucks bag. I added the broken line to resemble stitching and a couple of extra stars. Love the dotty cardstock.

On a roll now……..

December Daily – Day 10 and 11

It seems like an age since I worked on my little book. I have been in the land of the head cold and feeling utterly sorry for myself. Don’t you just hate when something gets in the way of your big plans? I’ve been off work this week and has massive plans but haven’t managed to do any of them because of the cold.

But enough of my moaning I am back here today sharing a page or two of the December fun.

On Friday 9th my niece and I headed over to Mums to trim her tree.

On Saturday I was working again but we were having a Strictly Come Dancing fest and I snapped some photos of the dogs. Buddy and Milo, my BFF’s cute boy. Milo avoids Buddy like the plague. Buddy is far too boisterous and juvenile for a distinguished gentle-dog like Milo.

I printed a photo of each pooch after I added a white border and the text in Hootie. I had to trim the photos though as they were a little large so my frame was lost but that’s okay! These things happen.

I added journaling on the back of the page with the ‘all is calm’ on. And called it done.

Day 11 was tree trimming day at last. I haven’t worked out how I want to add the two pictures yet but have written the journaling and added the tree tag by stapling it on.

 A touch of ink on the edge of the page finished it off.

On the back of that page I added more journaling in a pre-prepared pocket. The little holly stamp is by Clarity.

So I’m catching up. More soon I hope.

26 Books – a review

I know I’m not there yet. I have three yet to read but I was thinking about the past year after reading some great blog posts over here. I like Karen’s style and her outlook on life.

I was inspired to look back and review my year. Usually at this time of year we are wrapped up in festivities and looking forward to the New Year and a fresh start. I know that newspapers and news programmes do reviews of the year but I’ve never thought of doing a review of my year or any aspect of it.

I thought it might be fun to look back at the books I’ve read this year and how through my quest to read 26 books I have travelled to wonderful, weird and entertaining places.

I am in awe of authors. How they manage to sit down and create a people and times we want to be part of. Stories we want to read. How they paint pictures and create emotions with words. Awesome!

Here’s where I’ve been this year.

I found myself swept away fighting demons and falling in love in Manhattan, indulging in delicious food and inspiring thoughts in Italy and Thailand, floating like a little rain cloud in a bright blue sky in the 100 acre wood, transported into space and who knows where else by artificial intelligence, plunged into murder and intrigue in Tuscany, awash with blood in North Yorkshire and living a simple yet beautiful life in 1860’s New England.  

I’ve seen through the eyes of a teenage vampire, an ancient vampire, a quadriplegic, a white haired little old English lady, a space cowboy, a young and vain aristocrat, an author, a talentless actor and a rather scant of brain yellow bear who might be rather partial to honey.   

It’s been an enjoyable, thought provoking and entertaining year. I’ve learned that I quite like my comfort zone when it comes to reading but now and again I’m glad to step beyond it.

I’m not convinced I’ll reach my target. I have two books waiting to be read but I just haven’t been in the mood recently. But whether I make it or not I like the challenge. A goal, something to aim for and I know that while I’m aiming for it I am doing the most amazing thing in the world.