Project three

A cute, if I say so myself, little cup holder. Inspired by this one.

I made it using an pair of old jeans which I admit to hoarding hoping for just this sort of project. So I am doubly pleased with this little make.

I used a Starbucks holder to make a template and then cut two pieces of the jeans fabric and two slightly smaller pieces of felt. I stitched the red heart on the front of one piece of the jeans and then stitched the two bits of jeans fabric right sides together leaving a gap at the bottom to turn the piece right way round. Before I stitched them I attached two loops of elastic which form the button fasteners.

When the holder was right sides out – which can be a struggle to achieve but themore carefully you do it the easier it is -I fed the felt into the cavity manoeuvring it to get it to lie flat. I then sewed the gap up by hand.

Finally sewing around the edges and attaching two buttons.

I thought that it might twist a bit too much after some use so I went back the machine and sewed the four vertical lines which added to the padded effect and made the whole piece feel much sturdier.

I find sewing in straight lines a challenge and finishing off sewing projects even more of a challenge but I tried to get it looking neat with no loose ends to eventually unravel.

I think a Gingerbread Latte is in order to test that it works properly.