December Daily – thoughts before we start


I was inspired, as ever, by the wonderful post Ali’s put together last week. So pulled my December Daily books out for 2008, 2009 and 2010 and looked through them again.

I had already poured over them in preparation for the foundation pages of this years album but I looked at them now with the view as to what stories or concepts I liked, things that I would want in this years albums or ideas to spark a story to capture.

Looking back made me ask myself why I choose to do this in the first place.

Why do I want to record these 25 days? What do I want the albums to say about me? About the life we are leading right now?

I do it because it’s fun. 

I can’t wait for an excuse to pull out red and white supplies ( I always seem to want red and white at Christmas time) and make cute little pages filled with photographs and words. It’s that simple.

As an bonus I’d like family and friends to love looking through them too in years to come and for the memories relived through the pages to be good ones.

But first and foremost I do it for me because I like the idea of it, the focus it gives me through the month and the end result.

So as I read Ali’s post I jotted down sparks she gave me which I can apply to my process this year.

Full page photos

One of my favourite things to look at in hers and other peoples December Daily’s are full page pictures. There have only been a couple of these in my books and only in last years.

I think I am hung up on keeping sight of the pages to come in the album. I adore the jumbled up page sizes but by keeping true to this throughout the month means I can’t have full page photos. This needs to be balanced somehow so I get the best of both looks this year.

Fold out or flip up pages

I have never done this but will be trying it this year. One reason is that I like the concept of discovering what’s there when you open out a page. And as my album is small this will give me a space to have a larger picture.

On the size front a couple of the comments on my foundation pages post asked how I cope with such a small album.

My reasoning behind it is that first I don’t have lots and lots to say. It’s only Gav, Buddy and me so filling a 8 x 6 page fills me with dread. Also I like the easy handling of a small book. Like Ali I put my December Daily albums out on display and I want them to be easy for guests to flip through.

I was tempted to go bigger this year but couldn’t resist the cuteness of my album in 2009 which was 6 x 6. So I cut the chipboard for this years cover and accidentally made it a bit smaller than intended but I wasn’t going to waste the covers so I went with it.

But by utilising the fold out or flip up page I can still have a larger canvas to work with on those days where there is more to say. So it’s the best of both worlds.

Write a letter to Santa

I’ve never written a letter to Santa and put it in my albums so I’m definately going to try that this year too.

I have written thoughts and sealed them up.

Bu I think this year it will be a letter to Santa.

Everyday life counts too

Ali’s comments about the entries not having to be holiday related is a great and so true. It’s only the three of us here day to day and to be honest I struggle to find something to write on each of the 25 days. Throughout December we all probably do more stuff than in other months so naturally there will be more stories to tell but every day is not full of holiday cheer. It’s good to remember life is still going on around the joy and festive world out there and what better way to remember that than to add stories of everyday December into the album.

Ephemera from life

Must remember to add more of the ephemera from everyday too. Things from the post and labels and tags etc.

Making new Memories

The hope of making new memories warms my heart.

I have made new memories and traditions through doing these albums already. Decorating my Mums tree and watching Christmas movies with my niece. Here to hoping more will come this year.

Around the house

Taking pictures of our Christmas decorations around the house. The process itself inspires me to decorate more and more and do new things, like the wreath I decorated last year.

I’ll be doing a wreath again I hope from scratch and will show it as part of the six projects.

The weather

I have made entries about the temperature and included pictures of the weather in past years but usually only if it’s something special like a hard frost or snow.

I should make a note of the weather generally and include reports for the newspaper. I always find looking back at everyday things like that immensley interesting.

Wrapping paper 

I included snippets of the wrapping paper I used 2009 and loved being able to look back at that detail. Must do that this year – hope to get some recycled rolls again.

Making the photo home for the journaling 

Adore this too but have only done it once or twice but it is one of my favourite looks. Clean and simple.

Include mine and others handwriting

We did the Christmas lunch last year and I got my niece to write out everyone’s starter choices. I added the list into the album. I know in years to come this will be wonderful to look back on.

Food we are eating or preparing

Food is a big part of my life on every day of the year! So it’s only natural to document the extra special things around Christmas time. Some are traditions like making the Christmas Pudding,

others are just good to remember like Fat Rascals for breakfast and coffee at Starbucks with my sister.


While flipping through the three albums of Christmas’s past I noticed some things I didn’t like. Not relating to the stories or the photographs but to the overall look of certain pages. But rather than be negative about this I just need to remember what I don’t like and avoid doing those things again.

I know that most of the pages I’m not keen on are pages where I have taken the easiest route to getting the story told and in the book. And that’s okay. Whatever works for you is okay.

It’s all glorious food for thought and will soon be put to use as the countdown to the start of December grow ever closer. Yay!