The post season


All has been quiet on the blog about baseball since I posted about the opening day. But the ritual of watching games soon became a habit as the summer wore on and we have been glued. Mostly we watched the San Francisco Giants because they are our second team and they were doing really well this year.

Our first team, the Mets seemed to struggle from the first game but didn’t finish bottom so that’s something. Next year Mets, eh?

Unfotunately the Arizona Diamondbacks had a winning run and overtook our Giants and ended up winning the division and we failed to secure the wild card place too meaning the poor old holders of the World Series trophy are not going into the post season this year. *sigh*

 But we are still watching the divisional games to see who will get through to the World Series this year and loving it even without our two teams. Although we love NYC being Met fans we are rooting for any team that beats the Yankees! The Texas Rangers made it through to the divisional final yesterday, before we UK folk went to bed.

So let’s go Tigers.