It doesn’t seem to matter that I have visited Scarborough dozens of times since my childhood trips to the town, the moment I drive along familiar streets and step out onto the beach front, I am transported back 35+ years.

I remember I saw my one and only flea circus in Peasholme Park on a twilight adventure around the tree walk. I ate my first hard-boiled egg encrusted with sand on the beach of the north bay and a few years later rotted my teeth with sugar dummies, an absolute favourite of mine.

I have been to Scarborough lots of times with Gav and wondered, after I’d told stories of my childhood antics to him,  if I was telling the same old stories again that I told him last time we visited. I bet I was.

As we wandered along the promenade of the beach at the north bay we watched the distant sea turn from grey to blue as the sun came out and for the rest of the day we were treated to calm still warm salty air. The beach huts have been added to and revamped since my childhood, I’m sure they never got such bright coates of paint then.

And the sight of the now disused and partially dismantled cable car was sad to see.

I rode on this in my teens. Now it’s just a relic of a more prosperous time in the towns history. 


I got to practice some photography though.

The memories good and bad were flooding through me and the brighter weather was so perfect that I tried to persuade him to do something rash and book into a hotel for the night just so we could wander along a beach in the sunset. I knew I wouldn’t have done it really and I also knew Gav wouldn’t do it either.

And I was right. He briefly mentioned the lack of a toothbrush and a change of underwear but really I knew it was the absence of his laptop that swayed his decision. Even the thought of it was out of character for me but the day was so perfect I was trying to hold onto it for as long as possible.

Instead after our wander towards Scalby Mills we went to the Harbour Bar and had wonderful ice creams and then went to our favourite garden center at Hunmanby and bought a few plants.

I love to revisit this place for a day in the quieter times and make new memories while remembering some old.