Cracker Dog Crazy

It is one of the funniest things he does. Almost every time we go out into the garden Buddy finds some toy, or stick, or rotting apple and proceeds to tare up and down the garden with it.

Up and down, up and down.

I’m convinced he’d do it till he fell over. Gav took these a couple of months ago. Bud has a little yellow duck clenched in his teeth. The duck was Lewis’s and Buddy found it hidden in the garden undergrowth. I like to think that Lewis nudged Buddy in the direction of that duck as if he was saying it was okay that Buddy played with it. But really I know that Lewis wasn’t that charitable and will be spinning at the thought of another dog, especially such a silly and daft one, has his old toy. The duck is currently residing on top of the pergola where it landed not long after these photos were taken. Gav’s aim is rubbish. Or perhaps it wasn’t Gav’s bad aim at all but someone from beyond the grave showing disapproval.

But I digress.

Gav was practicing with the camera and snapped a few of the crazy dog.

Here he comes……….


And again….

One more time?