What is a mazzle I hear you cry?

Would you believe a cross between a map and a jigsaw puzzle? Yes, I know it’s a bit odd but I bought it a walking/cycling out-doorsey type shop and gave it to Gav as a stocking filler last Christmas. It sat in the box until we went on our trip to Northumberland in March when he got all the pieces out and we realised the task at hand.

It was going to be a very hard puzzle to do indeed, in fact it was going to be rock hard! Pun intended…..

The scale was really small on the map itself making the features of the puzzle really tricky to see.  I got a headache everytime I tried to do any of it and I had to wear my glasses.

Gav got the edge and a bit of the thing done during the week we were away and carefully packed it up, breaking as few of the edges as possible, and brought it home. Where it has sat for the best part of 6 months.

Every now and then he would attack the jigsaw and a few more pieces would be added. Even my niece found it intriguing and like to help her Uncle Gav. Oh and Buddy too got in on the action too, although his method was to chew and pieces that had fallen on the floor. I guess his logic was it was one less piece for Gav to find.

And at last the flipping jigsaw is finished and I can have my dining room table back. Well it’s almost finished – apart from one piece…… I wonder where that went?