It just goes to show

I know nothing about my own mind. There I was committing myself to completing the Nancy Mitford then I went and bought a new Agatha. It happens occasionally. I tell myself I’ll do something then go and do the opposite – without even missing a beat, without even feeling guilty or thinking about the thing I said I’d do.  

There is an explanation for the purchase of the Agatha. Remember when I organised the Christie Collection on my new bookcase and decided I needed to complete the set, well I found the above book in a local charity shop and had to have it. As I’d never read this one, I didn’t read her short stories till recently, I started it right away and I finished it in record time. I love Miss Marple. You expect her to be cosy and comforting but really she’s as sharp as a tack and ruthless to her very core. That’s what makes her so great.

So that was a long winded way of saying – sixteen books down. Ten to go.