Book update

It’s been a while since I finished a book. I am only on book sixteen. That means I have ten to get through before then end of the year if I’m to get to my goal of 26 books read in a year.

I go though phases with reading just like every other part of life. And if I’m not hooked immediately by a book it sits about waiting for me to struggle on with it. Perhaps I should just admit that I like what I like and leave the literary novels and classics alone. I mean I never struggle with a Stephanie Plum or a Sookie Stackhouse or a Poirot or a Katie Fford. Perhaps I just like popular fiction. (and vampires – of course)

I’m just moaning though because I will not give in that easily. I like the fact that I’m trying to broaden my reading boundaries – which lets face it isn’t that hard since I’m so picky.

So I’ll carry on with number sixteen, which is the book in the picture above The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford, and then enjoy a good old romance with the latest Katie Fford.

And on a totally different subject but related the the photograph, the drink I was drinking was a non alcoholic cocktail of frozen strawberries elderflower cordial and appletiser and it was really delish. My BF found the recipe last time we were over for a BBQ and even Gav loved it.

Here’s to reading a good book and drinking a bit of fizz even if it’s non alcoholic.