Favorite Casserole

I know it doesn’t look too good in this picture but this is my twist on a casserole recipe I ripped out an a Good Food magazine years ago. It’s an absolute favourite of mine. The main twist in my version is the ommission of the chicken and the substition of vegetarian sausages. I love veggie sausages in tomato-y sauces.

I used to buy the magazine and I tore out recipes I liked and made a little pile of them. When the pile grew I gathered some clear plastic covers and hey presto a cookery book of favourites was born.

This is my go to recipe book. Good Food recipes are great. Easy, quick and don’t use every pan in the cupboard! So tonight, as I we have a glut of courgettes, I went for the potato, chick pea and sausage casserole. It has so many of our loved foods and olives too.

And then I was thinking why I only make this casserole when we have a glut of courgettes? I guess I ‘save’ it for once in a while dinners rather than every week. That way it’s always a treat.