The Ultimate Doughnuts?

My older niece announced, when I arrange to meet up with her recently, that Krispy Kremes had made it all the way up North to Leeds and that we needed to go and sample said doughnuts. Fine by me. I like a doughnut. So we arrived at the new shop just off junction 27 of the M621 at 2pm on an overcast Friday and found a proverbial madhouse. The staff of the shop were actually directing traffic in the car park! It was that busy.

After parking the car in next door Pizza Hut’s car park we joined the queue which was all the way to the door but decided that really if you were going to sample their wears then you needed to buy a box full of doughnuts and that also meant not queing at all. Result. We handed over the cash over and left the queue behind us clutching our booty. Hoorah.

So, what did I think? Were they the ulitmate? They were nice. Not delicious although I’ll need to try the other flavours, of course, just to be certain they are not the ultimate but yes they were good stuff.

I have to say that nothing beats freshly cooked ones on the sea front at Filey (or any seaside I’m sure), but boy that chocolate topping is scrummy.