Okay so this isn’t my normal genre of novel. Science Fiction. I like sci-fi films but can’t remember reading science fiction before. If you remember I was reading this along with Gav to see if we could work the plot out together. It was a struggle to start with. Getting my head around all the flipping and flopping between simstim and the matrix etc. I had to re-read quite a few pages then I decided to go with it and if I didn’t quite get it, so be it.

I liked some of the characters, even if they were anti-heroes and anti-heroines and the writing was amazing. The author painted incredible pictures of this bizarre futuristic world.

But it was definitely odd.

Passing over that though I’m glad Gav got me to read it even if it took us six weeks and ate seriously into my quest to read 26 books in a year. Apparently this novel spawned the phrase ‘cyberspace’ and as I mentioned above William Gibson writes about the ‘Matrix’ not exactly like the film of that name but pretty close. I think it is undeniable that the Wachowski brothers took influences from Neuromancer for the Matrix trilogy. And also both Gav and I felt that a scene towards the end of the book where Case, our antihero, is trapped on a beach was exactly like a scene from Inception.

And rather than feeling cheated by filmmakers taking influence from novels I like it. It’s not pure plagiarism is it? No definitely not it shows that some things influence other things and after all there are only so many stories to tell.

In conclusion I’m glad I read it. It kept me intrigued even if basically it was set in a seedy futuristic underworld for the most part and was full of unnecessary murders all for the sake of the ……. Well I don’t want to spoil the end for you, do I?