Why would you?

Buy bread when you can bake it. Or have a bread maker bake it for you.

When Gav bought the bread maker 5 years ago I resisted the idea of making our own bread. Even though you only fling the ingredients into the breadpan and switch the machine on it still seemed like hard work to me.

Over the time we’ve owned the machine we have made lots of loaves and rolls but also, just as often, gone out to buy some. But these days I’m a convert.

I’m not sure if in the long run, taking into account the initial cost of the machine the ingredients and the electricity we use to bake the loaves, whether it is cheaper to do it yourself but I’m not so bothered about that. I almost always use organic flour and there are only four other ingredients so I know what’s in my own rolls and why would I want to miss out on that delicious smell of freshly baked bread.

It makes me feel like a real homemaker and it’s so much better for us and those two things combined mean baking your own wins hands down.