Do lists work?

Back in December I put a list on this blog of things I wanted to achieve before Christmas. I know, without even going to check out that blog entry, that I failed miserably with those goals. So I was wondering if making lists actually works?

In life generally I am a list maker. I love to write everything down and then, the good bit, cross stuff off. I never make wholly achievable lists and I openly admit that, because where would the fun in that be?

Occasionally, I really push the boat out, usually with housework lists, and even put a time next to the entry on the list of how long I think it’ll take me to do said task. If Gav catches sight of these he laughs his socks off. It’s usually something like:

Clean all  inside windows- 30 mins. (Actually I never clean the inside of the windows……….gasp!)

Clean cooker – 15 mins.

See what I mean – unachievable.

I was thinking about lists because I seem to have lots of things bubbling around in my head just now. Things I want to achieve and yet I seem to be getting nothing done. My life is in a funny place for lots of reasons:

I still haven’t adjusted to not working full time and the fact I left my job of twenty years.

I still haven’t accepted that my work in the local craft shop pays min. wage! and I’m standing on these 44 year old legs two days a week.

I still haven’t found a rhythm to my week.

I still haven’t got to grips with blogging regularly.

I’m still striving to learn how to meditate. 

I’m still struggling to loose those extra pounds. (although, honestly this has been a life long struggle.)

And they are the tip of the iceberg. Gav wants to teach me about programming web sites. I want to write a novel. (no really! and yes I know most people want to do this). I want to improve my photography skills. I should be spending more time with my Mum and helping her out more and the rest of my family too and the garden is demanding my attention. I want to do more sewing and make a quilt……

So, I was thinking that maybe I should make a list of all these things and then I remembered my lack of success rate with lists. And then I thought maybe I should just stop whining and embrace the fact that I have things to do with my life and people to share it with. That maybe I won’t find a rhythm maybe no rhythm is my rhythm. And maybe that’s a good thing – rather than it sending me into a twitching spasm.

The list above is a garden list – the best kind. I wrote it about three weeks ago and I’m getting there right? I have crossed a whole four out of seven things off already.

So I’ll keep on plodding along writing lists and getting through half of them and working all the rest of the stuff out as we go.

Is it a plan? No, but it might just make it to a pl ………….. (quote from Friends – oh how I loved Friends but that’s another story) Which I don’t have time for because I have to go and unpack boxes of craft supplies for min wage.