Love Forty

Ah, the dulcet sounds of ice plinking into the glasses of lemon barley water, the gentle laughter as the net cord judge gets hit on the ear and the solid sound of a ball on the wooden rim of the racket.

Okay what decade am I in?

(Here I am at about 12 years old.)

Well those memories Definitely come from the past.  The good old days I could say. The days when I fell in hate before I fell in love with the two weeks of Wimbledon. If we were lucky enough to have a sunny fortnight I’d come home from school to half drawn living room curtains, they were shielding the glare from the TV screen, and my Mum sat down in the middle of the afternoon,  something she didn’t do any other time than the two weeks of the tennis.

Yes, they were the good old days. As I got older I learnt to appreciate and love the sport. I was the only girl in my class who knew the rules of the game when we played it one summer on the tarmac courts – although I still thought it was Juice! As in orange squash……

I loathed Borg because he always won and later Navratilova, because she always won. (That particular trait has stayed with me to this day. If a sportsperson wins everything I hate them. What’s wrong with routing for the underdog anyway?)

I also loved Connors and Chris Evert. She was a real lady in my young opinion. And talking of Chris Evert I actually stood next to her when Greg Norman, her then husband, tee’d off in the British Open 2008 at Royal Birkdale. I regretted not asking for her autograph. But hey, I have the memory and she was still a beautiful lady.

I digress as usual. When I was about 14 I persuaded my Mum to take me to London for a few days and we went to queue to tickets at the All England Club. We made it onto No. 1 Court and watched Steffi Graff among others. We then stumbled onto centre court at about 6pm and watched the great McNamara and McNamee play a doubles match. It was great to actually be there and one of these days I’m going back.

But for now I’ll watch it on the TV. Ladies quarter finals today. Right where are the strawberries?