We love to visit gardens. We go with expectant anticipation. Anticipation of inspiration. And almost always we are not disappointed. Take last Tuesday for example. We went to the RHS garden at Harlow Carr, Harrogate.

We were graced with a beautiful sunny day and two hours of  joyful exploration of this amazing garden.  

These alliums were all ready to burst open and fill the border with a sparkling display. We were particularly taken with a couple of fencing ideas. They had used willow to weave a living fence, it really was great and we are definitely going to try it out. I even tried to source some when we got home but it’s the wrong time of year for these types of ‘cuttings’. I say cuttings but really they are thin branches that are harvested and all you do is plant them and they grow! Amazing. So in autumn I’ll be ordering some.

It’s good to get out and look at gardens, any garden not just horticultural gods of gardens like Harlow Carr. We must keep broadening our horizons. The only problem is that after every visit we end up changing something which means that the garden is never really finished…. but really that’s what gardening is all about.