The dark side?

Remember I was rambling on about Baseball and how Gav and I were so excited to have signed up to the MLB.TV and how the season was going to be great.

Well it is great, sort of great. Apart from the Mets not doing so good, it’s great. Having access to all the scheduled games means we can watch who we want when we want, even from the archives of past games so we can catch up with games that are played too late at night for us UK guys to watch.

But, you knew one was coming right?

But, the little hard drive Gav bought to watch the baseball through the tv wasn’t very good and we were experiencing breaking up pictures all the time. So that got ditched and we had to make do with an old tower unit that sounded like it was about to take off and it was just a tad ugly sat on the tv unit.

So unbeknown to me the search for a substitute little box was on. Of course he found just the thing and MLB were signed up to the software\hardware whatever ware, so it was perfect. Through the little box you can watch the games on your normal tv. The only problem? It’s made by Apple. Bummer.

Now just to clarify. According to my dear husband he really doesn’t dislike Apple but would not buy a Mac it’s all some computer geek reason why he just ‘aint an Apple man.  And that’s okay. I think you are either \ or but never both. That’s men for you. The only reason I wouldn’t buy a Mac is the cost.

Anyway his veto on Apple products doesn’t apparently extend to ipods and now it seems little tv gadgets because he bought the flipping thing and it arrived today.

The minute he had half a second to spare he set it up and (thank goodness) removed the noisy tower unit.

So here is the little box.

Quite impressive, no? Oh wait, let me zoom out so you can see the scale of the little machine.

Now that is impressive. Teeny and quiet and rather sexy – as black plastic boxes go that is. And wait there’s more. The remote control……


Even me, the utter tech hater has to admit that this remote is rather amazing. And look how skinny it is.

Wow. Cool. How do they do it?

So it seems we have gone over to the dark side. Well okay, maybe just a smash and grab?