Okay. I know I’m sad and soppy but these books are a good read. I ordered the second book in that big amazon order I did last month and read it straight away. Then I picked up this one. I couldn’t resist. I love a love story and a forbidden one is even better!

And I’m afraid to say I ordered the fourth book and then discovered she’s writing two more in this series. Will I get my happy ending? I better Cassandra! I am forcing myself not to read the fourth book as I’ll have a year till book five and I can’t wait that long…….

These books are listed as teenage fiction. Apart from no sex, they are just the same as grown up fiction. I enjoy her very descriptive writing and the fast pace adventure the characters go on. So thumbs up for Cassandra – as long as I get my happy ending.

And yes.

I finished Little Women in between all those Demons and teenage passion. But the version of the book I had only contained part one of the story. But the film I loved so much had both parts of Louisa May’s story. So now I’ll have to add Good Wives (as it’s called in Europe) to call it read – if you know what I mean.

Tragedy at Law by Cyril Hare is my current book. But I’m struggling. It was a recommendation on the BBC 2 ‘My life in Books’. I’ll press on with it though and then I can get back to demons and shadowhunters!