Month: May 2011

75 eventful minutes

When we first got Buddy I devised a walking rooute that took about an hour but that didn’t go anywhere near other dogs. i.e nowhere near the park. Strange I admit but I was nervous of taking another dog to the where other dogs might be after a horrible traumatic incident that happened in December 2009 with Lewis. That is another story, one perhaps I’ll never be ready to tell. So like I say, I devised this route and it took Buddy and I past some of the prettiest and different houses in this part of Leeds.

When I got braver we started to walk into the park and now seven months after Buddy came through the door  I am okay taking him to areas where other dogs are. So recently I have been taking the shorter route to the park but this morning I thought I should check out what the gardens of these lovely stone built houses have springing up so we went back to our old walk.

And I have re-affirmed my love of that walk, past so many varied styles and types of houses almost all are beautiful and some have the prettiest gardens and garden features. The weather was mixed and we got rained on part way round but I didn’t mind because it was like seeing the streets of Leeds 8 afresh once more.

We headed towards the park then and past Roundhay Park Allotments. Now the pavements around there are made of old fashioned wonderful York Stone but in the damp weather they get slippery underfoot. And yep the embarrassement happened and I fell over! Took the skin off my knees and felt rather silly. However, I dusted myself down and hobbled off to the park. 

I was still feeling pretty good about my rediscovery of the old walk and loving that perfect time between the end of rain and the sun coming out again where the air is fresh but you know the park will be quiet because of the rain.

Then we had the sighting of a mean old Crow clearly feasting on a baby bird of some kind. Which began to ruin my mood. But wait, there were the cute and teeny signets on the lake so that sheered me up again.

And then a lost pooch. The spotting of the lost dog came along with Bud and I meeting two little dogs that were with their owner but we all got in a tangle. The lost dog was trying to ‘hump’ Bud. Then Bud tried to hump one of the little ones then the other little one tried to hump Buddy. It was a dog nightmare all the while the owner of the two littles mumbled on about getting them on the lead…….eventually she did and they set off in the other direction from us. The lost dog ran off which eased my conscience a little bit. I hate coming across lost dogs I fret about leaving them there stranded. But as this one legged it there wasn’t much I could do.

We were nearly out of the park when we came across a woman and Springer puppy waiting bu the gates. Buddy naturally wanted to play with the pup so I chatted to the owner for a couple of minutes and found out that she was also the owner of the lost dog. Who apparently always runs off at the end of the walk.

Going back to pastures once travelled can be a good thing as I found that I loved the old walk, mother nature is out there as large as life and no dogs have been lost.

So everything was alright with the world once more.Apart from my bruised knees that is.

The Friday Face

Oh, woe is me!

(He’s treating us to the long dog pose – you can just see his stretched out back legs. This cracks Gav and me up every time)

The Friday Face

You know all this looking cute really tires a guy out.

The dark side?

Remember I was rambling on about Baseball and how Gav and I were so excited to have signed up to the MLB.TV and how the season was going to be great.

Well it is great, sort of great. Apart from the Mets not doing so good, it’s great. Having access to all the scheduled games means we can watch who we want when we want, even from the archives of past games so we can catch up with games that are played too late at night for us UK guys to watch.

But, you knew one was coming right?

But, the little hard drive Gav bought to watch the baseball through the tv wasn’t very good and we were experiencing breaking up pictures all the time. So that got ditched and we had to make do with an old tower unit that sounded like it was about to take off and it was just a tad ugly sat on the tv unit.

So unbeknown to me the search for a substitute little box was on. Of course he found just the thing and MLB were signed up to the software\hardware whatever ware, so it was perfect. Through the little box you can watch the games on your normal tv. The only problem? It’s made by Apple. Bummer.

Now just to clarify. According to my dear husband he really doesn’t dislike Apple but would not buy a Mac it’s all some computer geek reason why he just ‘aint an Apple man.  And that’s okay. I think you are either \ or but never both. That’s men for you. The only reason I wouldn’t buy a Mac is the cost.

Anyway his veto on Apple products doesn’t apparently extend to ipods and now it seems little tv gadgets because he bought the flipping thing and it arrived today.

The minute he had half a second to spare he set it up and (thank goodness) removed the noisy tower unit.

So here is the little box.

Quite impressive, no? Oh wait, let me zoom out so you can see the scale of the little machine.

Now that is impressive. Teeny and quiet and rather sexy – as black plastic boxes go that is. And wait there’s more. The remote control……


Even me, the utter tech hater has to admit that this remote is rather amazing. And look how skinny it is.

Wow. Cool. How do they do it?

So it seems we have gone over to the dark side. Well okay, maybe just a smash and grab?

Earlier today

Gav made lunch. It was what has become his signature lunch.

Avocado wraps. We are partial to an avocado in this house. In fact my sister said once that whenever she visits there is always an avocado ripening on the kitchen window sill. And I bet she’s right.

So Gav squeezed one to check for ripeness and declared it ready and set about making the sandwiches.

From a culinary perspective, a flavour that we love with the green fruit is pine nuts. It’s like a match made in heaven. You have to toast the nuts first in a dry frying pan for a couple of minutes and then they are just amazing.

 A little salad- 90% of which is home grown – onion and tomato and they are ready to devour.

Perfect sunday lunch. And I didn’t have to make it. Double result.


I know, I know.

I said I was waiting to read this till nearer the time the next book in the series comes out but I couldn’t wait.

Part of me loves that I can’t wait for stuff. And how amazing it must be to write a book that your readers cannot wait to read. I’m in awe of that. I am going to resist ranting about the end of this book though. Not in awe of that, but I know that stories have to have conflict – that’s what makes them good.

And because I couldn’t wait I read it really fast and now it’s finished (boo) and on the pile making it ten books so far this year.


The Friday Face

Not quite in focus but hey, cute.

Just call me Roz

I had to out to the shop this morning for staples. No, not the little metal things to attach two bits of paper together, milk and cereal were the staples in this instance.

This reminds me of an episode of Frasier when Roz finds out she’s pregnant and Fraiser comes to see her and offer a helpful bit of Frasier advice. Roz offers him coffee while they chat and she discovers the milks off. Which leads to her crying more about the prospect of becoming a mother how will she cope if she can’t even keep staples in the house. We love Fraiser.

So why can’t I keep staples in the house? Who knows but at 8am this morning I had to go out on a special trip – which I hate to do – and buy milk and cereal for breakfast.

I’m not sure how to overcome this lack of organisation? Um… be more organised? Probably. Or I could just buy two cartons instead of one………………..


Okay. I know I’m sad and soppy but these books are a good read. I ordered the second book in that big amazon order I did last month and read it straight away. Then I picked up this one. I couldn’t resist. I love a love story and a forbidden one is even better!

And I’m afraid to say I ordered the fourth book and then discovered she’s writing two more in this series. Will I get my happy ending? I better Cassandra! I am forcing myself not to read the fourth book as I’ll have a year till book five and I can’t wait that long…….

These books are listed as teenage fiction. Apart from no sex, they are just the same as grown up fiction. I enjoy her very descriptive writing and the fast pace adventure the characters go on. So thumbs up for Cassandra – as long as I get my happy ending.

And yes.

I finished Little Women in between all those Demons and teenage passion. But the version of the book I had only contained part one of the story. But the film I loved so much had both parts of Louisa May’s story. So now I’ll have to add Good Wives (as it’s called in Europe) to call it read – if you know what I mean.

Tragedy at Law by Cyril Hare is my current book. But I’m struggling. It was a recommendation on the BBC 2 ‘My life in Books’. I’ll press on with it though and then I can get back to demons and shadowhunters!