Month: April 2011

The Friday Face

It was tempting to pop a little white veil on him today (Gav’s idea!) but i resisted. Instead here he is happy after a giddy kipper run around the garden.

Loving that glimpse of our rusty old wheelbarrow in the back of the shot.

f 3.5, 1\250 sec exposure 50mm lens.

The Friday Face

(f2.8, 1/30sec with the 50mm lens) 

He is just so cute I thought he deserved a little bit of blog space to show off that cuteness. So welcome to Buddy’s Friday Face.

I must pay homage to Dooce and Chuck who is an absolute star and the inspiration behind Friday Face.  I can’t promise I won’t balance a bowl of cereal on Buddy’s head or pop a funky pink wig on him but I’ll do my best to resist.

But for now here is trying to keep his eyes open after adventuring in the garden this afternoon. Gav fixed the fence at long last, which means for the first time ever we can let him out to roam and hope he doesn’t find anymore holes in the fencing……..

Ah, friends

Yesterday we met up with friends in a lovley pub on Ilkley Moor. The weather was fantastic and we had a great view of the countryside to watch the sunset and chat and laugh.

Two of these friends now live in New York. She is an American and they met while he, who used to be in a band, were touring. They fell in love, got hitched and the rest is history. Pure romantic fiction but absolutely true. They lived in the UK for a few years and then moved over to NYC.

The first and most selfish thought I had was, yay, someplace to stay in NYC! And then I was pleased for them, of course. They were taking a risk embarking on an adventure and it was fabulous. They have been there almost four years now and Gav and I have visited them twice while we were there in 08 and the Big Trip.

What’s amazing is that no matter how long it is between meetings the boys, who were all at school together, just take up conversation as if they have never been apart. And it happened both times when Gav and I visited them too. We didn’t keep in touch in between apart form a couple of emails but when we were face to face it was as if no time had passed.

That’s the good stuff about friendships. I don’t have a ton of friends but I love the ones I have and it’s good to know that we can pick up right where we left off. It’s something to cherish and hold onto.   

Still Life

The sun was shining today spuring me on to buy some fruit. So I did.  And then I photographed it.

Then I ate it.

It was good.

The Garden – warts and all

It’s time. Time to get out there into the garden and start to make it pretty. The weather has been wonderful recently and it makes you want to go out there. So in honour of the start of the season I took a few pictures to show what it looks like before.

I may have mentioned it before but one of the reasons we bought this house was because of the garden. By normal semi-detatched standards it is larger than average and we were thrilled about the prospect of creating a beautiful garden. After nearly 10 years it has its good bits and its not so good and its finished and not so finished areas. As with anything like a garden it evolves and changes without your intervention and things don’t grow and others take over.

This is looking towards the house down a strip of grass between the twin borders. These are a mixture of shrubs and perennials. And don’t quite look at their best here! 

This a view from the patio up the garden. When we moved in there was an enormous Hebe in the middle of that bed running up the left of the shot. We have trimmed and pruned and hacked it back and this winter it decided enough and died on us. Gav was thrilled as he never thought it should have been left there in the first place. I’m a bit sad mainly for the birds that used it as a stop off on their way to the feeder. But they’ll use something else and getting rid of the Hebe means potential for new stuff -which is good.

We moved those two recliners to the middle of the lawn about four years ago and have sat on them probably three times since. We are not very good at looking after garden furniture and they are in real need of a good sand down and treatment with teak oil.

You can see the wooden greenhouse a the right of the picture. That too needs constant looking after but we wanted a pretty wooden one so you have to take care of it or else accept that one day it will fall to bits. Also for a greenhouse its not really in the right place! A bit too much shade but……. that’s where it is so we get on with it.

We are looking from the patio in front of the greenhouse from this shot. We have grand plans for a brick path to lead from the greenhouse to the kitchen garden – its a work in progress (only two years). We have two apple trees surrounded by box hedging that give us great blossom and apples too. They were planted 7 years ago.

After 10 years having an allotment we gave it up a couple of years ago and turned the bottom of the garden into a kitchen garden.I call it that but really it doesn’t live up to the fancy name. Maybe one day!But what it does do is give us great veg and I really wouldn’t be without my own veg for some of the year. It is true that you can taste the difference with most vegetable grown at home. There are four large beds and six smaller ones.

Like good veg growers we rotate the crops to lessen the impact of pests and diseases.  My sister kindly dug that far bed over for me the other day when she came to visit!

Gardening is food for the soul. It is also hard work and never finished. We don’t spend enough time out there to get it perfect but that’s okay.

It is what it is and we love it.

Another seaside trip

For some unknown reason Leeds schools broke up for Easter on 1st April. Bizarre. Anyway my sister and I decided to go to the coast again with my niece. We had a great time last week building castles and collecting shells and pebbles. My clever niece even found a fossil! On Filey beach – amazing.

Good Fun Times.

Scrapbook Layouts

I’ve been crazily scrapbooking recently. I put it down to the re-organisations I did in my craft room a couple of weeks ago. It’s so much better than I’ve ever had it before. So I thought I’d share a few of the pages I have done.

I have been trying to use up old papers. I went through them all about a month ago and sorted them into sizes and colour schemes. I have so many scraps and they were being overlooked each time I did a page so I made myself make up pages with the scraps first. I know it’s silly but I hate waste!

So the papers in the Getting to know You above, are all old except the Basic Grey – the stripes with is probably only last year!

This page is of my Nana with her husband, my step granddad and then with a young me and my Dad. The paper is from the amazing basics line from Basic Grey again. Love their stuff and the journaling is just on printer paper crumpled up and coloured with a chalk ink pad. I have used various papers and brads and gem stones for the flower embellishments. All homemade except the tiny piece of felt ribbon. Again I made a stack of these flowers with circle punches a few months ago and they have been sat waiting for the perfect project. I layered the cut circles and added a brad or gem stone for the flower centres.

This page uses lots of Tim Holtz metal gears and pointers. Again old papers and a strip of velum. The clock is an old Heidi Swap one.

I stamped the spotty cardstock with a new hero arts stamp (loving it!) and the word dream is a 7 gypsies rub on. The tiny heart was on the boxes my sister made for my wedding. I had a couple spare and thought it went great on this page. The title and ‘M’ are rub ons from Anna Griffin and the twiney threads are just scraps I had lying about.  

I’m amazed at my output. I usually only scrapbook one page a month and I have more to share.

Later. x

Journal me

Is it a journal or is it a diary? Or can it be both?

I like the word journal better that diary. Maybe because it’s American?

Over the years I have kept a diary. Since I was around 12. Some years I didn’t bother as much, but most years of my life I have documented thoughts. Not eloquently and usually grumbles rather than smiles and I don’t tend to look at them once the year is done. But it is good to write stuff down and get it out there.

Anyway in the last five years I have acquired a multitude of journal type books. Most have been bought as gifts from Gav or my sister or my Mum. When I went through a phase of arty painty-ness I used a couple for art journals – I suppose that’s what you’d call them.

Anyway currently I have four on the go. I’m trying to use them as they were gifts but am getting mixed up with what kind of thoughts and ideas goes in each book!

All except the pinky one, which is a Tricia Guild Lime Flower Journal and the orange one which is a Smythson of Bond Street notebook (which I think is leather which I don’t but it was a gift and btw I didn’t realise they were soo expensive!), they are all Paperchase. And you guessed it I like purple.

Anyway I was pondering the use of these books when yesterday I was catching up with The Paperclipping Roundtable (episode 62 recodred 30 March) and would you believe it, they had a couple of guests on the show who are known for their art journal\inspiration journals. It’s a great listen and now I know the answer to my ponderings – it doesn’t matter! Put what you like where the heck you like. It’s all good.

And because they were so inspiring I might just pick up a paint brush and have another dabble at painted backgrounds and stuff. And simply play and mess it up and know that it’s okay………

Yes it is. Wow.