Looking beyond the end of my nose

A year ago Gav, Lew and I took our annual trip to the coast of Northumberland for my birthday. We have been going to the same cottage for about 8 years and still love every second we are there. I thought it would be good for my observation skills and for remembering more of what was around me if I honed in on five things I noticed when I went out for a walk each day. As Lewis wasn’t too well I was out walking alone.

I jotted down the time, weather, sun or moon position and then the five things I saw while wandering along the windswept beach and coastline. This simple exercise captured things that I would never have remembered if I had not written them down. And looking back at what I wrote makes me so glad that I did write them down.  

We spend to much of our lives rushing from task to task or place to place that we don’t ‘see’ the world around us. And I’m as guilty as the next person for doing this. In fact sometimes when I’m so busy getting that perfect photograph I miss ordinary life happening right there in the frame.

We have just returned from this years trip. We introduced Buddy to the beach and missed Lew so much. I had every intention of doing the same challenge this year. But it didn’t work out that way. First I was walking with Buddy or Gav and Buddy and we were very focussed (forgive the pun) on the new camera. But I did keep looking beyond, looking for little things to make me remember what it was like there this year.

Here are a few glimpses of this wonderful place.

Amazing sunset using the tripod.



Amazing beach huts nestled in the dunes.

Hello buoy.

Flying pooch.

Almost getting our feet wet.

My niece getting her feet wet and Buddy steering clear of the waves.

Walking on the dunes with a regal chap.

All of the pictures are straight out of the camera. No messing with anything in photoshop. Yes, the sky was really that blue…..