Four down, twenty two to go

I have read my first four books of the year. If I keep this up I’ll reach my target in no time.

Of course I don’t have a job so I can read all day. Not that I would I’m far too busy cleaning….

Anyway, I reached for a comforting, possibly the wrong word choice there, book for my first of the year. Oh no I hear you cry. Oh yes. The latest Sookie Stackhouse – Charlaine Harris – Dead in the Family.

Like all of her books in this series – I haven’t read the other series she writes – this is an enjoyable, fun romp about in the sometimes strange, sometimes normal world of Bon Temps. It has a darker side like most vampire\demon stories but Ms Harris combines the outrageous goings on well with Sookie’s normal part of life and is just a great read. I love Sookie and her get on with it in the face of certain doom attitude. I also like Eric. Charlaine certainly worked her magic on me there I thought I’d always like Bill better.

I also watch the True Blood T.V show but really the two are soooooo different. I sit cringing at the T.V sometimes and wondering how an author can let her story world get mangled up so much. And the amount of sex and violence are often a bit much for me.

I also read  The Understudy by David Nicholls. At the other end of the literary scale this was the story of Stephen McQueen would be actor who mostly got cast as corpses in T.V police dramas.

This was a recommendation but now I can’t remember where I read about it!

It was also very enjoyable and funny. The cover said it was laugh out loud and indeed I did. I thought it was similar to a Tony Parsons read. I guess I do tend to veer towards women writers and it’s good to look at romance from a mans perspective now and then. 


My third book was City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I found this through the ‘Goodreads’ web site. It’s a US site and has a handy feature where by you can look at a book you like and it will list similar genres themes etc. City of Bones came up through putting Twilight as the book I liked. I should have guessed that it would be a teen read from that starting point but it was another enjoyable story. Not so much vampires as demons in general and it is the first of a series of (so far) four books.

A tale about Clary a fifteen year old living in New York. She discovers a whole other world living right along side her chock full of demons which she begins to see, even though she shouldn’t be able to. Throw in forbidden love and there you have it.  

The fourth book was Down to Earth by Melanie Rose. It caught my attention at the checkout in the supermarket. Damn. You aren’t supposed to fall for those tricks are you? Or maybe it was because I have the same name as the author. Whatever the reason at £2 it ended up on the conveyor belt and on the pile to read.

I feel a bit harsh saying that all I can really say about it was that ‘it read’. I was okay but I wouldn’t recommend it. To be honest it got to the point where I was having trouble buying the unfortunate circumstances the protagonist found herself in. From the blurb I knew it wasn’t a simple romance since the heroine vanished of the face of the earth for 6 years then suddenly reappeared but it ended up being more normal than perhaps I was hoping.

So that is four done and dusted. Onwards to number five.