I like to read. Always have, well from about age 13.

Unfortunately my silly and weird restrictive brain won’t let me read just anything. Same with movies but that’s another story…… I aim to make sure that any book I read has a happy ending and a happy romance. I heart romance. I’m that corny, yes.

I haven’t always being so dull though. I used to read allsorts including crime novels like the Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell and I am a lifelong Agatha Christie fan. But lately if I read detective stories or thrillers they just sit in the back of my mind niggling away and have found that avoiding them is the answer. Maybe I’m getting more sensitive as I get older although how that would be possible I don’t know.

Anyway, I’d just finished a marathon read of Agatha books, I wanted to make sure I’d read all Poirot and Miss Marple (I’m sure I had when I was in my twenties but I digress),when I ran out of things to read. A few months later I was chatting to my friend H, and she told me that she was going to read a book a month in the coming year. That was 2008. And she was going to try stuff out her comfort zone, classics new and old.

I thought that was a brilliant idea and set myself the target of reading 20 books in 2009 and to have some new authors and classics in the mix. I exceeded my target by 2 and was really pleased with myself. So pleased in fact I did a scrapbook layout about it.

Now you’ll notice that there is a considerable range of different types of novels in my list. From The Great Gatsby to Twilight. That’s just the way it panned out. There are a couple of crime books too and yep they sat right at the back of my mind for a bit until I eventually got over them.

Last year I wasn’t really going to do the target thing again when my Mum bought me a cute little bookmark set with a bookmark for every month from the Royal Horticultural Society so I was inspired to try the ‘how many books can I read in a year?’ thing again. As I read and used a bookmark out of the pack I wrote the books I’d on the back of that months bookmark. I was thrilled to find that I’d read 23. Yay.

Three of the books are missing from that pile which were The Oxford Murders by Guillermo Martinez, Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman and The Stone Monkey by Jeffery Deaver. Now don’t go making judgements that 7 of the 23 were vampire stories……..

So we come to this year and again I wasn’t going to bother but I love the idea of a challenge and it’s a great reason to push myself into reading stuff I wouldn’t normally go near. If you only read five authors normally and they only bring a book out a year you have to try something new or else the books read will only be 5!

I’m going to up my target to 26. I know lots of people will read way more than I do and lots way less but if I manage a book a fortnight I’ll be really pleased. Going to have to do some research as I’ve almost run out of Sookie books……..(darn those vampire stories)

Lucky for me there are lots of web sites which have reviews on as well blogs and the two TV book clubs that have been around in the last few months.

Remember I’m picky. I won’t just read Wolf Hall because it won the booker prize or Mrs Dalloway because it shows the stream of consciousness narrative off to its best. I’m more likely to go for A Christmas Carol just because I like Christmas or the latest vampire romance because um…..I like vampires?!

But whatever I manage to force myself to pick up and read I’ll report it back here in blissful tactless ignorance.