Things that go bite in the night

On my reading list this year has been the Sookie Stackhouse series of books by Charlaine Harris. My obsession with Vampires did not start there though. No. Actually I have been in denial about having an obsession with vampire’s. But when you examine the evidence it’s pretty hard to even try to deny it.

It all started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 90’s. The show was stuck on BBC 2 at 6pm and I watched the first couple of episodes then lost interest, only to have it stirred again when I was visiting my sister’s house and her 13 year old daughter was watching it. Oh my. I thought to myself and tried not to drool over the gorgeous looking hunk. I was hooked again after seeing Angel. Inspired choice of name. Oh, Angel.

I was out of their demographic but who cares. I loved it and was an avid viewer right up until the series where Willow lost it and romance went awol and I gave up on Buffy. But it was the lure of the love story that really captured my attention. Not the fangs or the beauty that was Angel. It was the romance.

And romance brings me to my next vampire fix. Twilight! Ah, Edward. I see a theme emerging here. Younger good looking guy who will love me and live forever………hmmm.

Anyway, back to Twilight.   

I have to credit a couple of USA bloggers for introducing me to this story. As I read on their blogs about their trips to see the first film. Thanks Cathy and Ali. Then I saw a trailer and thought… oooo, love story. That sounds like me. My niece, now 22, and I went to see the film and our obsession was born. Okay, there is a Rob factor to our obsession but also the love story.

I devoured the books and waited for the next film, the soundtrack, the next film and I sit waiting still for the last one to be filmed. Can’t wait. No really. Can’t. Wait.

So see, it’s the love story not the vampire story that I’m into. Except I can’t sell that one on the Sookie books now can I? Oh don’t get me wrong there is romance, well a teeny bit. But mainly it’s a bit gory and bloody and full of sex and supernatural stuff and a good entertaining, escapist read. I’m waiting a while before I read the latest one, book 10. I have high hopes of more romance for Sookie and Eric in that one and I don’t want to be disappointed!

Now, did I hear there’s a new series of The Vampire Diaries………