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Photo a Day – Week Forty Two, Forty Three and Forty Four

Here we go with another few weeks of life in photos.

Good to capture me in the scene.

New Years Eve candle.

Park Run for Gav on New Years Day.

An ordinary everyday scene….

ANd then the following day Bud had to go to the vets. And did he ever feel sorry for himself!

A final snap of a fav scene from the festive season.

The putting it all away with a few chocolates to help.

I have been obsessed lately with trying to wear some of my clothes in different ways, to get the most out of them rather than buying anything new. Lots of selfie snapping to see what I think.

Broken pots and leaves. More real life stuff.

Sunset and moon.

My great niece came over and we wandered the garden.

A little sunshine.

The last of the Christmas cheese.

Gav came along to meet this little fella.

A perfect Christmas gift. A vegetarian smores kit!

Breakfast burrito.

More sunsets.

And another visit from this sweet girl.

The weaving/macrame bug has caught me again.

Messing about with paper and shadows for my nieces photograph exam.

And finally french toast. Yum.

And there we go.

Photo A Day – Week Thirty Nine, Forty and Forty One

Almost caught up again!

We start off with this fella all cozy in his blanket and quilt set up….

After our cookie decorating afternoon I still had the itch to decorate plus I had tons of royal icing left over so I made sugar cookies and had another go. It is so hard! They make it look easy on you tube…lol.

Early morning view.

Real life! The mantel all trimmed up for Christmas and re watching Elementary on the TV.

Gav started a jigsaw. Perfect for this time of year. Also more festive stuff waiting to be arranged.

Out for dinner at my sisters.

A quick trip to my Mums to see these guys.

The we headed off to Northumberland and got an annual photo.

And when we got home the following day he was full of fun!

Love this.

And this.

Can’t get enough of a winter sky.

One of my very favourite festive scenes with an addition this year of the lights in our bedroom. There is just something wonderful to me of looking from the outside in. And also looking at our home from this perspective. Simple pleasures.

Made a few cards this year. I got this idea from Kristina Werner expert card maker!

The Christmas cake was out and getting eaten along with all the festive pottery.

Our usual trip to get coffee after we have been to the cemetery on Christmas Eve.

Our newest elf.

And our other sweet girl pondering after too much ice cream. My sister bought her that ice cream cart and it was the best gift she got.

A light lunch…..

A new ornament. Also my sisters doing.

The Hellebores are back.

And there we go.

Photo a Day – Week Thirty Six, Thirty Seven and Thirty Eight

It’s time to catch up with some of our everyday photos!

Here we go with a wreath ring made from our Salix viminalis living fence. Gav gave the fence a good hair cut and we had a pile of trimmed stems. I adore, absolutely adore making wreath forms out of the stems.

Lots of garden photos this week. And frost which always makes me head outside and snap photos. I like the subtle bokeh at the top left of this picture and the delicate frosted leaves.

As I said lots of frost! This plant is probably the most photographed in my garden. Acanthus mollis and it looked stunning that day.

More garden….

And more….

Clearly there wasn’t much else going on that week!

And finally for this week a trip with these two to the supermarket.

Week 37 began with an amazing sunset.

Slightly different view of the garden with frosty leaves.

Caught the bus to work.

Wandered with Buddy to Canal Gardens.

Had an eggnog latte. Yum. They ran out the following week which almost ruined December for me!

Scrambled eggs with avocado.

And may I introduce you to the cutest pooch ever! (Except Buddy, of course). This is my BFF’s adorable miniature Dachshund  pup. You cannot grasp from this photo just how teeny he is. And did I mention cute?

A lovely sunny day at the start of Week 38. Still an autumn vibe.

Dinner looked very summery.

Uh oh…. cuteness alert again.

December is always cheese month around here. Just looking at that plate is making me hungry.

As are these gingerbread cookies. I made them in preparation for cookie decorating with some of my family the following day.

Here is my sister amongst the mess of our fun filled afternoon decorating the last cookie.

Went all eco with my Christmas wrapping and used old newspapers. I actually loved how all my gifts turned out and so did lots of the family.

And there we go.

Photo a Day – Week Thirty Three, Thirty Four and Thirty Five

Here we go with some more everyday photos.

Celebrating this patio and the autumn leaves.

Holding onto the last of the Dahlias.

Enjoying homegrown salad.

Loving seeing her take photos, balance smoothies and not bringing a coat!

Watching this lovely fella.

Planting bulbs.

Anticipating winter foliage.

Welcoming the season change out in the garden.

Capturing the low sun.

Walking on fallen leaves.

Looking up.

Ripening the last tomatoes.

Documenting the trees at the park.

Eating cheesecake!

Embracing textures.

Preparing for December Daily.

Starting a new project….

Relaxing with advent fat rascals.

Photographing all the leaves all the time.

Keeping the donuts safe from him….

Scrambling eggs.

And that was that.

Photo a Day – Week Thirty, Thirty One and Thirty Two

We start and end at home but in between there is a wonderful adventure!

Above a beautiful sunrise and below we made it to Florida. Blurry yes but that moment, well we have waited a year for this trip so it matches our feelings perfectly.

When I was looking through all the photos I noticed that there were lots of Gav and I together. To celebrate that here are some of them. There are a few self timers shots but also in the mix are ones taken by Disney Photopass photographers and some by automated cameras on a few rides.

If you’ve been here a while you’ll remember a layout of me on this ride two years ago where I kept my eyes closed the whole time….. I was obviously braver but still out of my comfort zone. And look at Gav smiling away!

Dole whip? Yes please but in a strawberry float please with and orange one too.

Hello Tigger!

Love, love this ride.

A very enthusiastic photographer in Galaxy’s Edge. Love this one.

Crazy and fast ride Test Track my hair was an absolute nest after this ride.

This one was at about 8am with a beaustif early sun lighting up Cinderellas castle.

Outside The Beach Club Resort. Very fancy.

More for the Star Wars fans. It was very hot (I thought it may have cooled down in October….) too hot to wear these t-shirts but we’d brought them so snagged a photo before we packed up and headed north to Charleston.

So pretty.

Then north again to The Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Where we took a trip to see some wild horses. More on this story soon.

We also found Duck Donuts. Oh my goodness. You select your own icing, toppings etc. And they are made fresh right there as you wait. They are delicious and reminded us of proper seaside doughnuts from here in the UK.

The all too soon we headed home.

To greet our beautiful pooch who clearly missed us…..

Autumn had arrived while we were gone.

A snap of the garden right now.

And there we go.

Photo a Day – Week Twenty Eight and Twenty Nine

But before any adventuring photos a few from my daily photo series.


Lovely purple aster complete with raindrops and sunlight.

Cooking apples ripening nicely.

Took a walk to Canal Gardens. Lots of textures going on.


The screen says it all! What a fantastic night.

My take on a healthy bowl lunch with homemade hummus.

Another walk. This time around the garden at Harlow Carr.

Raindrops again but this time on that beautiful shrub Cotinus coggygria.

Gav was sizing up a new building project. Oh no not more building work…….lol!

Winter foliage coming along.

Love to document the garden from this spot. I must try and do a scrapbook layout about the changing seasons with some of the past photos.


Lovely breakfast out with friends. This was a spicy bean and egg dish.

And there we go.

Photo a Day – Week Twenty Five, Twenty Six and Twenty Seven

Another snapshot of our days…..

Picking tomatoes and basil from the greenhouse.

A lovely sunny day and someone loving that.

At last the Cafe au Lait Dahlia flowers and she was worth the wait. Seen here with my other fav Labyrinth.

Went on an adventure to meet a friend I haven’t seen in years. Started on the bus….

Another walk to Canal Gardens.

Painted Lady butterfly. They are just as amazing with wings closed! ANd this was was getting a goo snack from the hebe flowers.

Lovely spot in the garden.

Purple daisies are back!

He’ll grab a moment in the sun whenever he can.

Real life on a beautiful late summer morning.

Beans and sunflowers and artichokes.


This photo is like a dream come true! Been wanting to get my family to the park for a photo shoot for ages and final made it happen. I’ll be sharing more of this later this week. (and they look blurry but there aren’t so not sure why that is?)

Bee, sunflower and magical light.

I’ve decided that I shall not even resist picking these up this autumn.

Hoping for a late crop of salad.

Home made scones. Decided to make them square and not sure I’ll ever go back to messing around with cutters now!

Amazing tomato plant.

Local florist. Love looking at their displays.

The last of the eating apples and a pretty moon.

Popped outside in lovely sunshine to pick more tomatoes and got caught in a rain storm. Too refuge in the greenhouse.

And there we have it. Up to date! Yay.

Photo a Day – Week Twenty Two, Twenty Three and Twenty Four

A few more weeks.

Lovely scene in the garden.

Found a new to us butterfly. The Gatekeeper. So beautiful.

Raindrops on dahlia.

Lots of crop collecting going on.

The light is starting to fade earlier now. Lit a few candles to cushion that blow!

Trying to make scones. Getting better at them but still not quite as thick as shop bought ones.

The nameless pink Dahlia.

Everyday stuff.

Blue sky and yellow flowers.

More flowers in the sunlight.


Sat down and made labels for the dahlias. Maybe next year I’ll know which tuber is which.

Rock climbers.

Look forward to making our version of salad nicoise every year when the green beans are ready.

Documenting that I’m still in a t-shirt for our early morning walk.

Delicious lunch with family.

I have waited ages for this beauty. Dahlia cafe au lait. Love the bee and the bloom.

Oh yeah!

Popped in to see this cutie.

More harvests.

Playing with flowers.

And there we go. Almost up to date! Ha. I keep saying that right?

Photo a Day – Week Nineteen, Twenty and Twenty One

Lots of flowers, bees and other winged creatures along with a haircut!

Gav pottering in the greenhouse.

Calendula and raindrops.

Tuckered out Buddy.

A Squirrel and Pigeon on the lawn.

Honeybee on a cornflower.


Me picking flowers.

Home baked scones with jam and clotted cream……oh my. Deliscious.

Love me a sunrise.

Lovely Dahlia and hover fly.

Petals fallen on his little head!

Close up bumble bee.

There have been so many butterflies this year. Struggled to capture them on camera but here is a peacock one.

And a ladybird.

Another bee on a lovely sunflower.

Broad bean harvest.

So cheeky.

View of the cutting patches and the wood beyond.

Ah, here is a better shot of those butterflies!


As I said an abundance of bees.

And flowers.

Summer in full swing.

Photo a Day – Week Sixteen, Seventeen and Eighteen

Back sharing a few more weeks.

And to begin all things from the garden.

This pretty flower is Orlaya. First time growing it for me and I’m impressed by its beauty.


Little arrangement.

Light on flowers.

Blousey but lovely.

Hebe flowers with added honey bee.

And potato flowers.

Starting off the week with a sunset.

Trying to remember this collection of plants so we can replicate on the other side of the steps.

A lift selfie.

Adorable pooch.

Almost blooming.

Forever making things……

Another crop almost ready.

More bees.

One of my favourites. Salad Nicoise.

Can’t resist the light.

We were walking from hers to ours and Gav ran past on the other side of the road……We were trying to get all three of us together but he’d gone by the time we got the camera sorted!

A lovely rooftop garden when we went to London.

Ice-cream and silly faces.

In the tube station on the way to Abbey ROad.

And there we go.