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Gardens visitied – Filoli, CA, USA


Maybe it was because we were on holiday and the weather was perfect but this garden, nestled in the hills of California 30 miles south of San Francisco, has to one of my all time favourites.



It was a true delight to visit and soak up that Californian sunshine. And of course get a self timer photo.



Gardens visited – Ickworth

Ickworth is a National Trust property near Bury St Edmunds. The day we chose to visit there was an event going on and it was really busy. We don’t usually do busy but we parked the car in the reserve car park and headed towards the house and garden.

We are garden people and very rarely go into the house that may be attached to a garden we want to see. Looking back I think this house would be worth a visit but we only went in the gardens. We had Lewis with us, it was 2007 and we decided to whizz around the garden separately while the other held the pooch and avoided the crowds watching a re-enacted skirmish……

The gardens are described as Italianate. The building structure and light colour is used to its fullest against the dark green topiary.

We do like a bit of topiary but I certainly am a cottage garden fan so this wasn’t high on my repeat visit list but it was stunning. Glad we got a sunny day where the backdrop of the architecture leant itself so well to the blue sky and green of the garden.

At the front of the house was a herbaceous border and I got just one blurry shot of a daisy.

So there we go. Ickworth. And of course one towards my 100.

Gardens visited – The Manor, Hemmingford Grey

I read about this garden somewhere, perhaps in the yellow book and really wanted to go and see it. And as I’ve been sorting photos out for writing about all the gardens we have visited over the years I discovered it’s in the book too so counts to my 100. Yay.

Set on the banks of the Great Ouse you approach on foot along a path by the river. The start of a ramshackle brick wall and then a glimpse into the garden.

I knew before I visited that the garden had once been owned by Lucy Boston author of the Green Knowe children’s books, so I think I was expecting it to be magical and dreamy and there are parts of it that fit that description perfectly.

There were also a traditional cottage style borders, an amazing beautifully sculpted topiary chess set and roses galore.

Absolutely worth a visit and if you like old houses as well as gardens the Manor is supposed to be the oldest inhabited house in England dating back to 1130.

Gardens visited – recording where we’ve been

About two years ago Gav and I headed for a day out visiting a garden in North Yorkshire. After an hours drive we arrived and looked dumfounded at each other. We had been there before and forgotten we had. No matter we are National Trust members so entered the garden for free and enjoyed a revisit.

Four months after that it happened again. We turned up at a garden we’d seen before. Clearly some sort of record needed to be kept. Not just to stop us revisiting places, we often do that on purpose, but just so we know where we’ve been.

So I began to wade, and I mean wade, through folders of photos trying to pin down which garden was which. I made a few Photoshop templates for a title page, photos page and map of the garden location and had every intention of making a scrapbook album all about the  Gardens we have visited.


I spent perhaps three weekends editing and sorting photos and then I got truly bored with the process.

Fast forward to today. As part of my click tick list I want to photograph 100 gardens from this book. I wanted to keep going with the album idea and I thought it would be good to blog about all the gardens too.

So I am starting to do just that and as I write about our visits I’m going to add them here on the blog. I can use the writing within the physical album too.

So basically I hope you like reading about gardens as there are quite a few…….