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December Daily® 2015 – day six, seven and eight


Time to do some catching up again on this album. Apologies for the poor photography. Not only is it gloomy dark all day here in Leeds but I’ve also had printer issues so the photos I’m printing are not coming out great. Hope to solve that soon.

Here’s a look at day six as it was.


I had a cut down page protector along with a full sized 6 x 8 page with a piece of white card inside the pocket.

I added the story using stamps and a grey ink then moved the number six from the full sized page over to the top of the story card.


I continued the story on the back of the white cardstock and added a few gems. I printed a 5 x 7 photo and added it to a cut down page protector. I used washi tape to seal the bottom cut and added an Avery tab with ‘joy is’ a stamp from the Storytelling with December Daily® class.


On the back I used a photo of my niece and a digital file, again from the Storytelling with December Daily® class. I chose a pale beige colour for the digital print and added a wood veneer star. That tab got three red stars added to this side.


Day seven begins with the pocket page I had sewn into smaller pockets. Here’s what it looked like before.


I added the number seven to a piece of card and wrote a few words about the story for the day.


On the back of that card I stamped a calendar from Tim Holtz. I’ve had that stamp set years and it serves me well every December.

I printed a 6 x 8 photo of my Mum, niece and I and added an embossed stamp ‘we are family’ some white rub-ons and another little wood veneer star.


The back of that is another 6 x 8 photo of christmas lights and our feet. You can’t really see out feet in the photo above. I wanted to document the three of us in a different was and also this shows that my niece had chipped a bone in her foot and so was walking on crutches and had one sock on and one off! Good to capture those little things…..

The digital word brush was again from the Storytelling with December Daily® class. Love that big white type.

I added a kraft envelope into the album for day eight.


I needed to get a few things down on paper and an envelope is a great place to tuck more personal things away into.

But having said that I used the back of the envelope to reiterate again the importance of seeing the joy even on hard days.


Love that red ink, one of Tim Holtz I think fired brick, and again a couple of stamps from the Storytelling class ‘this’ and ‘December’ along with alpha stamps from my stash in two fonts. The word JOY is alpha stickers. Kraft and red be still my heart!

Okay getting there slowly.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2015 – Day four and five


I’ve managed to catch up this weekend.

Here’s a look at the foundation page for day four.


And the completed page.

I moved the red felt reindeer onto the kraft card and stamped the day of the week on the little label. The attached the number card to the edge of the journal card and wrote around it.


A couple of stories are mentioned here and the photo makes reference to my tidier craft room….

And here’s day five before.


My niece came for a sleepover the night before and we trimmed our little real tree. I added a 3 x 4 photo of her and adhered the metal five to a wooden snowflake. The arrow clip is from day four and I liked it on this side too.


I actually stamped a couple of words on that white card after I took the photo.

The story is written on the dark card with a white gel pen.

This was one of the stories I’d thought about before the month began. We’ve had this fir tree for a few years and when I took the photo of it sat out in the garden last week this story formed in my head. It’s all about waiting and how this little tree sits and waits for it’s month in the spotlight.

I could have told several stories on this day but unuusally for me went with a less obvious one and I’m happy that I did.

Sometimes it is so good to not do your usual thing.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2015 – day two and three


Hello and welcome to my belated day two and three of December Daily® 2015.

December did not begin as hoped. A dear friend lost his Dad on the 1st. I lit a candle, took a picture and wrote a little about sending love.

Onwards to day two. Here is the original page day two is on the right. Just a white piece for card and a mental ring tag with a star stamp.


I found the ‘negative’ of a number two and cut away the page protector so the sticker is not inside a pocket but sat ontop of the page. I added one photo of the little tags my colleague made for our Secret Santa at work and stamped ‘secret’ using alphabet stamps then the  ‘Santa’ which is a stamp from the set that came with the Storytelling class. I just hand wrote the story and drew the lines in afterwards.


I stapled the metal rimmed tag inside the pocket page.

Here is the before photo for day three. Not much to see, the back of the white card from day two and a felt number three.


And the finished page. No photo just some words and a stencilled card with the felt three attached to a couple of punched circles.


I added some alphabet stickers and sewed them down for the title of the journal card then stamped the ‘make your own..’ using a teeny alphabet stamp set. The journaling was done using my old typewriter which always manages to come with typos…..


So far I like the page protectors and have been very concious of the story I want to tell which I have really liked. Okay day four and five coming very soon.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2015 – the album cover


Hello and welcome to this year’s post all about my cover for this festive album.

Like I said in my Foundation pages post although I wanted to use pocket pages I still wanted to make my own cover as that is one of my favourite parts of this project.

Before I made this year cover i looked back at all my previous ones.


And last years.


Based on that evidence I should have picked a red or kraft coloured cover this year just to change it up a bit…… but I decided on all white because that was the mood that struck me this year.

It was this pin combined with my previous album from 2009, with the tree shape adhered to the cover, that gave me the inspiration this time.

First I drew a snowflake shape on a thin piece of chipboard.


Making a few measurements I tried to get the length and width of each ‘stem’ the same.

Below you can see the little snowflake die-cut I used to copy the shape.


After fiddling about for some time trying to get it to look exactly symmetrical I eventually gave up and left it as it was, according to Wikipedia most are not perfectly symmetrical anyway!

Here it is cut out.


It was then glued to the cover.


And given several layers of white paint. I used artists acrylic.


And then the good stuff. What embellishments to add? I am such a huge fan of the metal rimmed tags so added one of those along with a wood veneer snowflake I’d painted white and some white and silver bakers twine.


I added glitter to the little snowflake and went around the edges of the large one with a silver gilt pen. The 25 was added and finally the title to the tag using some very old Doodlebug mini rub-ons. I almost used red letters but thought the black looked different to other albums so went with those instead.


So there we are, all ready! Only five days to go……..


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2015 – thoughts on this years album


I said in my previous post that I’d be back with more thoughts on this album, so here I am. The Storytelling with December Daily® really got me thinking about my journey with December Daily® and I have gained a different perspective on the process and the album itself.

As I contemplated and looked back I discovered that I’ve shared many a pre-December pondering here on the blog and most of them amount to the same ideas over and over. I don’t mind that, in fact I love that I’m consistent! Tradition is one of the joys of this project. Bring it all on I say, the new and the old. The well loved traditions and the exciting firsts.


As part of the class Ali has encouraged us to think about the story we want to live this December. Amazing right? The story we want to live.

She has encouraged us to look back at past albums if we have them and think about the kinds of stories we want to tell. She has encouraged us to look for the story each day. She has encouraged us to make it work for us, nothing is set in stone. Do it every day, do it five times in the month, make the album later; whatever works. She has encouraged us to set an intention for the month and to tell just one story a day.


Out of all the thought, looking back and pondering I have come up with a few notes.

  • I feel like I have had a pretty good overall approach to the albums and tell a variety of stories. (Although not enough writing – see below about this.)
  • I’ve found that although I get the idea of just one story a day I actually love my pages where there is a rundown/overview of events on a particular day.
  • I also adore the little bits of memorabilia tucked into pockets. I like the process of taking them out, opening them up to see what I saved.
  • I still love full page photos and with the pocket page album this year hope to do more of those.
  • Love photos taken from outside looking in.
  • There are not many of them but I love candid photos showing expressions of joy. This is a double edge sword because in order to get those photos I’m not ‘in the moment.’ There has to be a balance here.

I could go on and on because I have so many thoughts whirring around but they are my main takeaways.


Something I did notice as I flipped through all the albums was that I didn’t really stop to read the journaling, I was just looking at the photographs. I was wondering why that was.

Was it because I don’t like my writing? Was it that I’m not comfortable reading my ‘voice’? I also found a few day where I hadn’t written anything. I know in years past, time has been a factor and I have left days simple in order to move forward with the album. But looking back I wanted to know what the story was that day so I need to try a different approach this year. One that both gets the story told and told in a way that I am happy to read back. I will try Ali’s approach to telling stories which is facts and feelings, facts and feelings.

I am excited for the final week of the Storytelling class, excited to write my intentions, charge the camera battery, stock up on photo paper and let December in.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® foundation pages – 2015


So it’s that wonderful time of year once again. December approaches which for me means that preparations for December Daily® need to be done. What a chore!

I have another post coming soon where I’ll set out a few intentions and thoughts about this album – I have been taking part in Ali’s Storytelling with December Daily® class and this has triggered a new perspective for me as I embark on my eighth December with this project. But for right now I want to share my foundation pages.

All past December Daily® albums have been made from scratch. This year I moved away from that a little by using 6 x 8 page protectors inside the album. I thought long and hard about whether to buy a pre-made album but making the cover a big part of the creative process for me and I love doing it so I’m still making my own then putting the page protectors within that.

The jury’s out on whether I like this way of doing things or not. I hope it will give me greater flexibility and make the process throughout the month easier. We’ll see and I’ll certainly share my feeling after the festive season is done.

I made a Pinterest board with ideas for the colour scheme I wanted this year. Still white red and kraft but more airy, dreamy, muted. Not sure I’ll pull it off as my photos will be colourful but I love that little board of inspiration!

You’ll notice that because of the flexibility of an album this style I’ve left all my numbers for the days of the month ‘loose’ within the pockets.


Above is a 6 x 8 for day one and a 4 pocket page for day two. I am really short of number two stickers (all used up in previous years!) so for this day I intend to print the number on a 3×4 card to insert in a pocket.

Here is day three and four. I found photographing the album a challenge because of the glare but also as many pockets are empty you can see straight through.



Day five and six.



That’s a Tim Holtz number brad for day five and below you can see that I’ve cropped a 6×8 page to make it 3×8.


Day seven and another page I stitched to make 2×2 sized pockets on the right. It holds wooden embelishments at the moment.


Day eight with a die cut snowflake card.


And I painted a few hearts on this woodgrain paper.


Day nine and ten.


Always love including some of the metal rimmed tags.


Below you can see day eleven and thirteen. Day twelve is in there but you can see through the pockets to the next day! Also on this photo you can see that I have added a piece of 3×8 card outside a page protector. I still intend to have some of these types of pages as I love that tactile element of turning a paper page.


A got crafty with day 12 and added a glittered arrow that I cut out freehand. I’ve left the brad with the twelve on loose to add onto the page somewhere.


Day fourteen and fifteen.


I used a Tim Holtz star stencil to paint white stars on a 3×4 card. Love white on white.


And a little piece of velum I have been saving. That’s the beauty of 3×4 pockets. You can use little bits and pieces.


Day sixteen and seventeen.


And for day eighteen I stamped some words with red ink onto a white card. The stamps were the free set from the storytelling class.


Another piece of card tucked into the album on the left, just to remind me to add these ‘free’ elements. And then day nineteen with a pipecleaner that I shaped into a star.


Day twenty will have a printed number card added.


I used a card from the Say Cheese line from Simple Stories on the left here. And another metal tag for day twenty one.


Again day twenty two will have a printed card and on the left day twenty three.


Day twenty four starts with a cut down 4 pocket page so there are two 3×4 pockets. I love different sized pages and don’t want to miss that element even while using the pocket pages.


And on the right a 6×8 page.


And finally day twenty five.


You can see that I have quite a few ‘spare’ pages there at the back so I can slip them in where needed.


Phew. Hope that if you are taking part that you’re getting prepared. I have to say it feels good to be trying something new.

Back soon with more thoughts on this album and a post all about my cover for this year.


See all my other foundation pages 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 part 1, 2010 part 2.

Looking forward to……


  • Finishing planting all the spring bulbs.
  • A week away in out favourite cottage.
  • Making the cover for my December Daily® Album.
  • Taking part in the December Daily® class over here.
  • Watch 8 Films in November – my last attempt.
  • The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay – part 2.
  • Getting Christmas inspiration early and being organised. (Every year I say this, is this going to be the year I do it?)
  • Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. (Squeeeee)

What are you looking forward to?

December Daily® – day twenty three, twenty four and twenty five


And the last few days of this festive season.

The right page is day twenty three. A photo of a Fat Rascal from Bettys which is a tradition around this time of year. I took mine to work for breakfast and rustled up some orange juice to make it and even more of a special treat. More writing on the photo before printing.


Day twenty four starts with a lovely story about a stocking my sister gave me and how Gav filled it with gifts as a surprise.


And the right page is a smaller one with the day and a little writing. Love those layers showing for the following days.


The next spread is the table set for Christmas dinner on the left side. I added a little banner on top of the picture. And on the right is a photo from earlier in the day when some of the family went to the coffee shop after our trip to the cemetery.


And the big day. The crazy gift unwrapping at my sisters and the acetate sheet that holds the number of the day.


And under the acetate a photo and some journalling. I have another photo to add to the top of the page that got misplaced when I was putting that spread together, that’s why there is a big gap. I’ll add it in later.


And the last page. The photo was one of those little captured gems. I’d carried my mobile around in my pocket all day and snapped away (not something I usually do). After getting something out of the freezer which is in the garage I was coming back into the house and I spotted Gav busy in the kitchen and the lights and candles glowing in the living room, I had to grab a photo.

I love it. A true ‘through the window’ shot.


And that’s it. Done for another year. I really love this concept and these albums so.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® – day nineteen, twenty, twenty one and twenty two


Just two instalments left.

Day nineteen, above, was a little photo from the works party. I tucked it behind the banner.

Day twenty , no photo just some words (sorry not very clear here) and a big title. We adore Stricly Come Dancing in this house.


Day twenty one was all about cookies.


Not much embelishment just a label and negative snowflake punch-out.


And day twenty two. A red envelope, my fav with a comedy phrase about not reading what’s in the envelope. I felt like I needed to write down my struggle with the month but tucked it away so you only read it if you really want to.


On the other side of the envelope a photo I snapped on the way home from work of a twinkly Christmas tree.


Back later today with the final days.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® – day fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen


And there is more. Off we go with day fifteen.

In between the spread I added two envelopes that held Christmas cards. It was funny that these two arrived on the same day. You need a little back story to appreciate the joke. Although I’m married to Gav I have kept my maiden name. So one of these envelopes has Mr and Mrs with his surname and one still has the Mr and Mrs but with my maiden name! I just had to keep those two envelopes for posterity!


The left of the page has a photo of my very first snow globe. Maybe I owned one when I was a child but I can’t remember it. I love these little ornamants so much needed to document it’s addition to the decorations.

And the right is a photo of Buddy on his ‘Poang’


We had to move that chair out of the dining room to make way for the tree and he just adopts it as his bed for the duration of the Christmas period.

On to the sixteenth. We headed north after finishing work for our anniversary break. The photo is of my bedside table and all the stuff dumped there when we arrived at the hotel.


Next is the seventeenth when we had a long an leisurely day doing just what we wanted which of course included afternoon tea but before that a trip to our fav. bookshop.


A close up of the sewn down number and stamped snowflakes.



A photo of us at Lindesfarne Castle and I added handwritten journalling to that music score paper.


And the last photo of the day is us on the beach we love so much. I stamped the ‘our story’ on to the photo with stazon ink.


For the eighteenth I simply added acetate alphas (which are so very old. Heidi Swap made these I think) to the inside of the little page protector. I secured the word ‘joy’ with red brads. The legs of the brads were trimmed right back so they weren’t visible.


I know that in years to come I’ll wonder why I didn’t add anything else to this page. For right now I’ll remember that I just liked the way it looked especially the fact that I cut the ‘o’ in half and also that when I made the page I had nothing much to say about that day, December was spiralling out of control at the time, so better to leave a positive thought in place.

And there we go almost finished.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.