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Bloom 2018 – Herby Sweets

Still honing my florist skills with yet more sweet williams. They are more or less finished now. But I’ve sown more seed ready for next year and hopefully the year after thats flowers.

I picked Oregano foliage and some Clematis to go along with the zingy pink and white sweet williams.

The more I try these ‘lop-sided’ style arrangements the more I think I like traditional shapes. Maybe it’s just my arrangements I’m not keen on because I certainly love looking at all those florist-y instagram folk I follow!

I’ll keep on practicing.

Bloom 2018 – Sweet William and Anritrrhinum

Our ‘heatwave’ is continuing and I am trying to keep the annual flowers healthy and producing flowers without using too much water. There is a contradiction!

I must admit that I have left the sweet willams to fend for themselves, water wise and I can’t say they have fared badly. I think those wonderful plants as so well established, this being their third summer, that they are coping with whatever weather is given to them.

Speaking of weather I was thrilled to find that the antirrhinums planted in our little cutting beds had overwintered. Antirrhinums are classed as half-hardy annuals, they are not supposed to survive frost. But five or so plants came through all that snow and ice and began producing beautiful early flower spikes. I haven’t grown this variety this year and am regretting that now because they add such a rich depth of colour to the vase and the garden.

My favourite alchemilla mollis was added to this arrangement along with the two flowers. Simple yet lovely.

Bloom 2018 – Hellebores and Sweet Rocket

I picked a few Hellebores before they set seed a week or so ago and to go along with them I added Alchemilla mollis, Euphorbia oblongata, Lunaria and Hesperis (sweet rocket). All plonked in my favourite blue glass vase.

Everything here, except the Hellebores, are self sown! I love a free plant especially one you can make flower arrangements with.

I got all the annuals planted last week and they are growing away happily. We have had quite a dry spell recently which is always good for growing but not so good for us who have to keep up the watering. But I’m not complaining. Looking forward to a summer of flowers in the house.

Bloom 2018 – Peachy

I forced myself to cut a few tulips to arrange a few weeks ago and had a go at arranging them in a similar way to many of the florists I follow on Instagram.

There was Tulip ‘Brownie’ and ‘Queen of Night’, honesty, cherry blossom and hellebores.

I love the totally mismatched colour scheme and I like the idea of the lopsided arrangement but need more practice. In the end I evened it all up a bit too much. Missing those tulips so much!

Bloom 2018 – The Hellebores

I love a first. I also love when it’s time to start sharing flower arrangements here again.

We seem to have had a harder winter than usual but you know me I’m not going to complain about the snow….. okay maybe a little bit but that’s only because we are not geared up for snow in the UK so everything grinds to a halt. But I digress. The first in question is the subject matter of this arrangement.

Helleborus. We have four clumps of these beauties and plans for a couple more plants to go in the ground soon. They are a big favourite of mine but cutting them hasn’t been an option because we didn’t have large enough plants. However, when I headed out on Easter Sunday morning looking for a few flowers to bring indoors these were the only thing flowering. So I cut two stems from one plant and two from another. I could only bring myself to cut those four stems!

I arranged them with some viburnum flowers, catkins and some pretty glaucous evergreen foliage. I loved how it turned out but about half an hour after this photo was taken the purple flowers had completely drooped. Oh yes, I should have mentioned that I seared the stems in just boiled water for about 20 seconds before putting them in the arrangement so I didn’t understand why they had flopped.

Here they are, cut down a little.

The internet to the rescue!  I found this article really helpful and discovered that the trick is to wait to pick until there are no stamens left and the flowers have started to produce seed. So next year when I pick some more I’ll remember that tip.

I seared the stem ends of these again just to see what would happen…

A couple of the flowers perked up but sadly not all. It is pretty incredible what plunging the stems of some blooms into boiling water will do!

A day or so later I snapped this photo of the flowers that were still left in the vase.

And sure enough you can see that all the hellebores have the seeds already forming in the centres of the flowers. Even the one at the top that has a few stamens left still has seed pods too.

Looking forward to sharing more floral stories this year as well as pretty arrangements!

Bloom 2018 – Planning and Pondering

It is that time of year again. How many years have I been sharing my endeavours to grow flowers for the house here on the blog? Quite a few now and I still love every part of this experience.

I have talked many times before about how I want to push my flower arranging skills and that I stalk florists on Instagram and feel downhearted sometimes when all of theirs are so amazing and mine are not! But that is part of it all. And I’m ok with it. I keep trying and like I say love the whole experience from selecting seed, sowing seed, pricking out seedlings, planting out and then picking and arranging.

I feel that it’s part of who I am now and that feels great!

I placed my seed order a week or so ago. I had a good look at my Pinterest board which has many of my arrangements from years past in the hope to change it up a little. So all the usual suspects are in the mix, Calendula, Cerinthie, Cosmos, Helianthus, Salvia, Scabious. But I also added a couple of different flowers too just to try and vary my arrangements. Linaria, which is delicate and elongated to add height and Malope, which I hope will create that saucer shape which you see in all the trendy instagrammers bunches. We will see.

Right now I should stop typing and get out there preparing. Here is to another lovely floriferous year!

Bloom 2017 – Pink Symmetry and Purple Haze

A couple more arrangements to share. We are away at the moment at the cottage we love in Northumberland, hence the lack of posts these last couple of days.

The abundance of Cosmos a few weeks ago spurred me on to do a simple display for the mantle. I do like just one flower in a vase but usually can’t just pick one flower so end up mixing others in but this time I was successful.

The other arrangement I want to share is almost identical to this one! A variation of flowers but the colours and shape are more or less the same.

Can’t help it love purple.

This one contains white scabious, salvia, ammi and a few osteospermum which have gorgeous purple centres! It’s great to remember back just a few weeks to the abundance that was going on in the garden.

Bloom 2017 – Studded with Purple

I mentioned that I have a few more flower arrangements up my sleeve even though the season is changed and the cutting patches have all but given up.

I’d actually forgotten all about this arrangement until I was sorting photographs for Project Life. How could I have overlooked such a lovely crop of flowers?

This was arranged back at the end of July when the Ammi had just got going and the Salvias were the backbone of the cutting beds.

Along with those two there are Euphorbia, Scabious, Cerinthie and Silver Birch foliage. I seared the ends of the Cerinthie and Birch in a little boiling water before arranging.

I like mixing tree foliage into my vases and must remember to try and do it more often. I was still trying to get that whole asymmetrical thing working…….

I think I must pop outside today and harvest all that I can before the strong winds flatten everything that’s left. It might make for a stunning final vase full!

Bloom 2017 – Take Four Sunflowers

Still a favourite way to display flowers and one that doesn’t need long elegant stems or armfuls of blooms. And it is the perfect excuse for collecting little vases…..

Simple and effective flower arranging that packs a punch.

Running out of blooms now in the garden but have a couple more arrangements to share soon.



Bloom 2017 – A Little Catch Up


Time is flying. I have some flower arrangements to share from before we went away. Thought I better post them before winter sets in…….

I picked a great big bucket of everything that was pickable just before we set off. I gave a bunch to my Mum and arranged the rest. I deliberately cut back in the hopes that something would still be blooming out in the garden when we got back.

This vase is filled with Calendula, Helianthus, Salvia, Centaurea and Oregano flowers.


Love all those happy sunflowers so much. There are a couple of varieties here, Vanilla Ice and Taiyo. Need to remember to plant more next year!

Next we have the same vessel, slightly different flowers.

Cosmos, Antirrhinum and Nicotiana are combined with the Salvia (pink and blue) and Oregano again.

As a little experiment I added Calendula because I felt the arrangement was a bit flat.

Zing! Much better.

I’m even trying out that whole lopsided arranging again…….. Still not sold on it so must keep trying!