Please keep your hands inside the car…….

The following entry are just a few thoughts from the past week –

Sunday 17 October – Standing on the edge again. We are about to collect a pooch from Dogs Trust. I didn’t think I’d be ready for this yet giving a home to a little abandoned dog is a good thing.

But I’m worrying. I have all the past expereinces with Lewis to sit festering in my head making me worry more. I know some of the things that that can happen when you take on a dog. Not all, there’s more unknown stuff as well as known. And I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that we are doing the right thing. The right thing for us – to have purpose again of some sort. The right thing for him.

But in my totally selfish nature I am dreading all that hard work and worry and all of those unknowns.

I remember with my adorable Lew it took months before we all found out pattern together. Maybe that was our fault for being soft. Maybe it just takes time.

So we will see. I feel guilty I’m not just exited. I feel guilty about Lew and I feel sad that there are so many dogs out there that get abandoned.

We will soon find out patterns again and that looking after someone again I’m sure we will. One breath and one day at a time.

Thursday 21 October – I was amazingly positive last SUnday, for me, even when I didn’t feel positive. So here we are at day four of living with the new pup. All week, since I collected him on Monday, thoughts have rolled around my head and I have pondered posting about the adventure os far. He is adorable and cute and full of energy, he’s 7 months old, so he should be. He is also the spitting image of Lewis!

How did that happen? Honestly when we looked at him on Saturday we just thought he was sweet we did not see a resemblance at all. But the longer I look at him now the more Lewis I see. Apart from the fact that of course he isn’t Lewis.

So how has it gone? Really we don’t have anything to complain about with him so far. His previous owner trained him to stay downstairs at night and we’ve kept that up – miracles happen, and he lays on his bed when I’m upstairs. He really is very good.

Of course there are a few issues. He’s a food monster right down to picking everything up off the street and he jumps up all the time but we will sort them out. I’m staying positive.

Worst of all though? I miss my sleep! I’m getting up between 6 and 7AM! I’d forgotten that part of the deal with pooches. Can’t linger in bed till 9am.

But really look at that face. I need to get a grip he’s a treasure and we should be thanking our lucky stars but you know me (well okay you don’t yet but work with me) I always worry that the worst might happen and forget to enjoy the now.

We will soon find out patterns again and that looking after someone again I’m sure we will. One breath and one day at a time.

Sunday 24 October – Almost a week in. And things are okay I guess with the poochy. We are all settling in together. We have started a little training and keeping up with the sleeping downstairs thing. He has developed an embarrasing little thing with visitors! And today was going to do it to me. But I put a stop to that. I hope he grows out of it and soon. This newest development sort of puts the other issues he has into perspective……….

Anyway another cute shot of him playing to remind me he is adorable and does a great job of chewing that rope toy.

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