Bloom 2015 – White wisps


From those hot velvety colours we come to calm cool whites.

This arrangement is actually from a couple of weeks ago and contains the last of the Ammi and Hesperis. Along with those two I added a white clematis and some grey foliage.


I adore both the Ammi and the Hesperis (sweet rocket) and have loved arranging them this year. The Ammi never does well here from a spring sowing, it has already done its best, so I am going to try to over winter a few plants to see if that helps the longevity of the its production. Hoping that the Hesperis seeds itself around although I have got about six plants sown a couple of months ago.

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2 Responses to Bloom 2015 – White wisps

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    I very much like the white coolness of this arrangement. There is quite an openness to the arrangement that seems to say, ah let’s take a break from this August heat and humidity. Yesterday I made an arrangement (small) out of the tall, grey, overgrown, run to seed, Artemisia and put in some “just about done” white Phlox. It was very calming to look at.

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