Dog DIY?


Left to his own devices he’ll come up with all sorts of ways to entertain himself. Like helping with a little DIY.

Look he’s found a screwdriver.

Testing out the sturdiness of the handle before em-bark-ing on the task….


Thinking he better disappear with it before someone ruins his fun.


Yep pretty sturdy handle.


After a spell of chasing him round the garden he gave up his little chew toy and settle for the good old piece of pipe.


Really that pooch!

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2 Responses to Dog DIY?

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Oh I do enjoy a good Buddy story. He does seem quite pleased with his find. Funny, I was chasing one of the farm dogs on Wednesday as she decided that some of the brushes were good toys – we distract her with carrots, she loves carrots.

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