30 Vegetarian Pizza – artichoke, feta and broccoli


It seems I am becoming addicted to pizza without the tomato sauce. It is a completely different flavour and I must say does taste good. I think you have to have strong flavours and then they work really well with the pizza base.

This is pizza number twenty six.


It was our usual base kneaded in the bread maker and we added some grated hard mozzarella as well as the feta to the two vegetables. The broccoli was steamed before it went on top. It was very tasty indeed but then I’m a big fan of feta and artichoke on a pizza.

So only four to go to hit my 30 Vegetarian pizzas…..

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4 Responses to 30 Vegetarian Pizza – artichoke, feta and broccoli

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    You encourage me to venture into tomato sauceless for my pizza and since I am making up next week’s menu plan, on this pizza goes. Thanks.

    • mel says:

      Good to think you’re going to try it. Like I’ve said before it’s a big thing in the US and is nice but not all the time. I like a classic Italian tomato sauce pizza.

  2. Lady Ella says:

    Looks good. Not being able to have tomato sauce, I often use pesto or pesto with creme fraiche as a base. Seems OK!

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