That’s a big hole in the ground

I really shouldn’t have put that because although it’s true, the Grand Canyon is so much more. It’s amazing for one and beautiful and tells some history of this planet in its pretty layers of rock.

This was leg two of ‘the big trip’. We drove from San Francisco to Williams stopping in Barstow overnight and arrived in time to get to the canyon to see the sunset. It was really exiting racing along the road watching the sun disappearing while we tried to get there in time. We made it and headed straight to the nearest viewpoint to be amazed and snap away with the two cameras.   

This picture was from our second day when we went to a different point to watch the sunset. We were in a great spot and could see the mighty Colorado river way down on the canyon floor.

The two things that surprised me most about this part of Arizona is first, the altitude. I didn’t realise that this State was 5,000ft up! And I didn’t not expect clouds either but the really made this shot. Another tiny bit of the river is just there at the bottom of the photo.

Truly fantastic and I’m so glad we came here.

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