Fabric, fabric, fabric……


In all the time I have been coming to the US this was the first year I set foot in a Jo-Ann’s. And all I have to say is wow! Why don’t we have this in the UK?


Every aisle off to the left of this picture had fabric in it. I mean every sort of material you could name was right here in this shop. Amazing.


I guess we are not makers as much in England as they are here? I gathered a few rolls together to see what they’d look like and I went for a totally different colour scheme than is my usual go to. I may have gone a little crazy….

There it all is in my basket. And you can just see a little doggie print right at the bottom of the pile. I couldn’t that one for a certain pooch.


Can’t wait to get cutting that fabric for a new quilt and to make Bud a new throw too. Woot!

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4 Responses to Fabric, fabric, fabric……

  1. Judi D says:

    What no purple? lol

  2. Holly read says:

    I think we are majorly missing out in the UK………next project for us……open up a massive fabric warehouse!!!

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