Making art every week – update in March


In January I made the bold statement that I was going to make something arty every week. I haven’t done too badly, I have picked up the pencils or the paint or the weaving and managed to make something most weeks.

They aren’t all pretty, but they are all mine and inspired by this board over on Pinterest. Here are a few of my attempts.




Below is the beginnings of this idea.


I photocopied the image above and then I photographed it uploaded the photo, made it black and white in photoshop and tweaked the contrast etc. Here is what it looks like at the moment.


Not sure I like enough to make it into a canvas but I loved the process of getting it to this point. Might try another one.

And lets finish on a truly comic moment. Here is my version of the collage pooch I have pinned on my board. I tried to make it look like Buddy…….


Gav laughed with raucous hilarity at my attempt and said it looked like the rabbit from Donnie Darko. If you haven’t seen the film just google it and you’ll see what he means. I actually quite liked my collage Buddy but will be trying harder next time…..

So not too bad at all, I’m having a go and that makes me happy.

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4 Responses to Making art every week – update in March

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    I like collage Buddy – I will have to check out who Donnie Darko is. Your sleeping fox is very good. You have some great artistic skills. It is so odd that this sleeping fox is the third sleeping fox art to come my way in less than 3 days. At the clinic where I work, two of our patients are artists, one works in stone & she has been sitting with a piece of soap stone from the Arctic for 3 years & said that she just saw a sleeping fox within the stone, then the photographic artist has been taking photos of foxes & finally captured (0n film) a sleeping fox! Now I need to go figure out what a sleeping fox indicates in the animal spirit world. 😉

    • mel says:

      How interesting, three sleeping foxes! Thanks for the support on the collage Bud ; ) if you don’t know about the film I wouldn’t recommend it, (very odd indeed) but the rabbit on the poster for the film does resemble my version of Buddy.

  2. Lady Ella says:

    I agree – the collage is great (and WAY cuter than the rabbit poster!).

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