The Garden in October


Things are slowing down out there but Gav has planted his winter pots and been making some repairs.

The plants growing up the arbor had really started to take over and the top of this structure had been slowly falling down for a couple of years. We bit the bullet and chopped everything back.


Then in about an hour he replaced the top structure!


Hooray. Now all we need to do is a really good tidy up as the garden and half finished building work had got out of hand.

And while Gav has been busy with all the hard labouring I’ve been planting bulbs.


You have to gloss over the mess around this end of the garden too. But if I waited to plant the bulbs till it was tidy and finished it would be next autumn. I got on with it now in the hope it will look slightly better come spring.  In this bed I have added Queen of Night, Princes Irene and Black Parrot tulips. Then I planted Fire King and Blood Red Wallflowers and a few Euphorbia oblongata.

Just a quick glimpse at what’s been going on in the garden.

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