The journey to work – our days are built with stories

In the spirit of this post I’m sharing the story of my journey to work. 


I love my journey to work. It takes 25 minutes. For a long time I chose to drive the main road route. Until Gav convinced me I could shave 7 minutes off the journey if I took the country lanes. Those first few trips were hairy, those country lanes are narrow, but eventually I learned the narrow and wide bits, the dips and turns and now I love my journey to work.

In the spring the light along the road changes throughout the trip as it filters through newly emerging leaves. In the summer the hedgerows are thick and fat, stretching out into the road so you can hardly see the edges and inadvertently let the wing mirror brush the leaves as you pass by. In the autumn it is a riot of colour with the leaves changing and the berries filling the hawthorn and holly trees. And in the winter, when I go to work in the dark, I hope against hope that I time it just right so I see the sun peak above the distant hills before I turn into town.

I trundle along these roads sometimes listening to music, sometimes a podcast and sometimes I listen to myself talking away out loud pondering this or that, just sounding things out. I’m in my lovely electric/petrol car taking advantage of the low speed limits on the country lanes not bothered by folk who insist on driving too fast and getting closer and closer to my bumper. I know they’ll find a way to zoom past me and I let them get on with it. I usually catch them up at the traffic lights anyway.

I pass the mellow stone walls of the houses in the two villages I drive through and wonder what life in the country would be like. I pass the lush fairways of golf courses flanking the road and the beautiful horses in the field by the farm, the bails of hay stacked and wrapped in their shiny black plastic coats ready for winter feeds.

I feel lucky to get to drive this route.

Earlier in the year when I almost took another job I said to Gav that I didn’t want to drive through the city to get to work that I loved my current drive. I knew then how much I’d miss it if I didn’t wend my way along those country lanes.


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  1. Lady Ella says:

    Loved reading this! What a nice snapshot of your life.

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