Bloom 3.0 – still going


I love surprises and being able to pick another bunch is a lovely surprise.


In this vase we have cosmos, fennel, clematis stems, snapdragons and snowberry. I had to go foraging for that in the wood because this arrangement just needed a little something extra.


A different texture if you will and I think it turned out great.

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2 Responses to Bloom 3.0 – still going

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Oh another all white arrangement – these are some of my most favourite. Lucky you for being able to still gather blooms. I have been gathering leaves – trying the old Victorian method of preserving. You take the (a) branch, split the end & put into a glycerin/water combination for a week or two. When the leaves (coloured) show droplets of the glycerin you know the process is ended. Apparently these preserved branches will last years – we will wait to see. 😉

    PS – The Pioneer Woman has some of the best & tastiest recipes.

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