Photo a Day – week twenty


It’s not everyday you get still life like this.


It was so hot last weekend we decided to make ice-tea with a packet of tea that we brought back from Florida (the date was still okay thank goodness). It was great and so refreshing.


More blueberry pancakes with our harvest. This is the best blueberry year yet for our little shrub. I used this recipe.


The first new potatoes dressed with mint and olive oil.


Joy, oh joy! The tassels are growing on the sweetcorn, yay.


Flowers in her hair? Oh yeah. (this led on to me trying to explain what a hippie was……)


And we painted rocks with herb names for our little plant pots.


Have a lovely week. x

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2 Responses to Photo a Day – week twenty

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    What a lovely reflection. Flowers in the hair 🙂 Almost all could have been part of Blue (which by the way were some great blue examples. Never understood why being blue is thought of as sad, blue is such a quiet restful colour to land on). Canada is known for blueberries or so I am told. Wild blueberries are best the year after a forest fire – natures way of saying sorry? Do you give your blueberry bushes any special fertilizer?

    • mel says:

      Thanks Mary-Lou. I think we probably should feed that poor old blueberry. It’s in a big pot. They require ericaceous/acid soil and a tomato fertiliser can give plants a boost although like I say we don’t do much with our little one.

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