Bloom 3.0 – Ammi two ways


A few weeks ago I was mooching around Pinterest looking for floral inspiration an pinned this and this. I hoped that at some point in the summer I would have enough of those blue and whites to create something similar.


More purple than blue but still this basic idea is there. I was thrilled when I arranged that little vase-full.

And I had some ammi left over so made another airy arrangement using my favourite calendula and a bonus of two white poppies.


The poppies don’t last long, I seared the stem ends in boiling water for 20 seconds, but the are so pretty and worked well in this vase.

bloom-cal daisy ammi poppy2

Ammi is great. It certainly adds a frothy and very country feel to an arrangement.  I must remember to try and sow it in the autumn for bigger plants this year.


Just look at those wonderful cheery flowers. Oh! this Bloom thing makes my heart sing. And if floral is your thing don’t forget about the wonderful seasonal flower alliance going on over here.

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2 Responses to Bloom 3.0 – Ammi two ways

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Both are lovely arrangements. I think my favourite is the blues & whites, so fresh. I have been reading up on Ammi and Queen Anne’s Lace – not the same plant as I thought, although cousins for sure. Trying to buy Ammi seeds locally so far takes me to Queen Anne’s Lace seeds & a look of sternness from staff at the garden centre – Queen Anne’s Lace grows in wild abundance and thought of as a weed in my parts of the world. So maybe I will restrict my use to gathering from the fields to use. You are right it does have a country casual wild abandon feel to it 😉

    • mel says:

      Thanks. It grows in abundance over here too and we know it as cow parsley! I actually thought about gathering some seed as well so I can have a little patch somewhere. I can just imagine the look of the garden centre staff….. ; )

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