Color//Colour – Green


It’s green!


You can never have too many watering cans….







Luck. That’s what it was that took us to see this amazing show in green week!


And next up my favourite colour – purple.

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4 Responses to Color//Colour – Green

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Green a most wonderful colour. Clever with the Wicked program; Bud seems to be smiling with his contribution of green; Fruit Stall’s bike, was that for the bike race start?

    • mel says:

      There were lots of the bike ‘transfers’ on shop windows so I guess it must have been in the spirit of the tour yes. Have to admit I copied that idea of the wicked programme. ; )

  2. Lady Ella says:

    More great photos – do like the Bud one! I’m wishing I had known about this fun project… Next time!

    Saw the TdF footage on the news (couldn’t see you though!)

    • mel says:

      Thanks. I am loving the colour thing just a little push to get me looking about more and appreciating things. I have to say it was a great 2 hours waiting for the bikes to pass. Photos on that coming today. And my Mum was genuinely miffed not to spot us! lol.

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