Bumbley bumble bees and other critters


Oh the humble bumble bee. I love bees.

I know I’ve said it before and I count myself very lucky to live next door to several apiaries but there are also lots of regular old bumble as well as the honey bees in our garden.

A few weeks ago I was stood by a clump of knautia plants which were full of bees. I stood and watched them and after a few minutes I rushed back into the house to get the camera and proceeded to snap away hoping to get some pictures of the different kinds of bumble that were feasting on the flowers.

After several attempts at scouring the internet for bee identification tips I think I have identified these beauties… gave up!

But I hope that somewhere amongst these photos is the tree bumble bee, a black bee, a carder bee and a garden bumble bee.







Along with these lovelies I also spotted this….


Eeeek! More internet searching this time I was successful in identifying the spider as a nursery web spider. She is so pretty, as long as she is out there in the garden.


I’ve been waiting for the buddleja to pull in some butterflies. Here is one of three peacock butterflies that I spotted feeding.


And finally in this creature adventure a few hover flies landing on a pretty and crinkly poppy.


I’m off to hone my creature spotting credentials and see what else is out there.Oh and dream of a macro lens….

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4 Responses to Bumbley bumble bees and other critters

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Wonderful close up shots of the bees – so many varieties; how fortunate you are. Your buddleja is such a lovely vivid purple. Yesterday my Mr Man & I were noting the shortage of bees & butterflies in our garden. We use to get at least 5-6 varieties of butterflies & lots of each & were were always doing that garden wave of shooing away bees. Not anymore – pesticides, globe warming, what ever it is, it is obvious, hence why I was out there pollinating my own pumpkins!

  2. Lady Ella says:

    Nice pics! Would never have known these bees were all different – kudos for that alone! I am mindful how lucky it is to have quite healthy numbers of them – trying to resist pulling up some self-set lavender and other things I know they like! Had a red admiral sun himself for ages on my window sill today, but in general hardly any butterflies any more. Sad.

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