Bloom – Sweet williams and rambling roses


The Sweet williams are still going strong and such a joy to look at. A clump of delicate pink ones started flowering and I knew just what I could arrange them with. Just outside the gate into the little wood at the back of the garden is a huge pink rose. It has pretty glaucus foliage and tiny flowers.


I picked a white rambling rose and the trusty alchemilla mollis to finish off the bouquet.


I went bolder than I normally do and a little off centre like Erin. And I am pleased with the results. And loving the smell this pretty vase is giving us too.

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2 Responses to Bloom – Sweet williams and rambling roses

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Gorgeous arrangement. There is something quite appealing about it being off centre. It also has a rugged beauty to it. I see this arrangement in a room designated as a library, lots of hard covered old books, lots of wood on the wall …. a glass of sherry ready for sipping, a book open where last paused.

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