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There are tons of lists out there in web-land.

I love a list. I already have the mammoth click tick list going on but I thought it would be fun to write a list a month and share it here. I got my inspiration from over here in their archives. (Click on the free download ones.)

I have even got a couple of guest posters line up!

Okay let’s do a fun and silly one which speaks volumes for my true personality…….


Celebrity Crush!

In order to get to this final list of fifteen I did a lot of memory searching and looked through some of the popular films from the 1980’s etc because I am old and forgetful! My off the top of my head list was missing some of those very first crushes so I’m glad I searched back in time to jog my memory.

I used that ‘pit of your stomach swoon’ factor to narrow down it down and these are the lucky guys that would be on my laminated list.

  • Harrison Ford
  • Pete Duel – Alias Smith and Jones
  • Tom Cruise
  • Lewis Collins – Bodie and Doyle
  • Kevin Costner
  • Robert Urich
  • Sam J Jones – Flash Gordon
  • Chris O’Donnell
  • Robert Pattinson
  • David Soul – Starsky and Hutch
  • Noah Wyle – ER
  • Ryan O’Neil
  • David Boreanez
  • Robert Redford
  • Sting

I made a little board of them all over here. How about you? Do you like a list? Do you like a handsome celebrity?

Back next month with another list (it won’t be quite a swoon-worthy as this one was though….)

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2 Responses to Lists – Celebrity crush

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Oh I do like a good list. I have lists of any sorts, grocery, Daily To Do, Weekly To Do, Projects To Do, Photo Ideas To Do, Albums To Complete. I even (occasionally) make a list of what is annoying me at that moment to see if there is a theme and deal with what’s at the heart of my annoyance. I have never made a list of handsome celebrities, but I do like that idea … I think Leo DiCaprio (sp?) would top that list, not the Leo from Titanic but the Leo from now, the mature Leo… off to work on it right now …

    • mel says:

      Just reading all your lists makes me want to go and write another list! And I like the idea of making a list of what is annoying you, very thought provoking. Making that list was such fun and a blast from the past. Happy list making Mary-Lou.

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