Keep ’em coming

We grow our own tomatoes. Just saying that makes me feel all virtuous.

We grow our own lots of things and up until 2 years ago we had a patch at the local allotments. We’d been going down to the allotment for about ten years when we decided that we should convert some of our garden into a kitchen garden, so it would be more convenient and we’d be more likely to pop out and do a bit of weeding…………………. Well that was the plan. Joking aside though it is much better for us, anyway, to have the veg on site and not have to load the car up with the tools every Sunday.

The kitchen garden has been good again this year and we grew potatoes, courgettes, onions, borlotti beans, peas, salad leaves, sprouts, green beans and broad beans. It’s split into 4 big raised beds and 6 little raised beds.

kitchen garden in June 2010

We lifted a row of Pink Fir Apple potatoes on Sunday and have one row left to lift. The sprouts are plumping up well and I need to do some research into how to dry the borlotti beans as they were a first for me this year.

The tomatoes are in the greenhouse and its hit and miss as it was originally sited in the wrong spot really but we get on with it and hack the overhanging branches back every couple of years.

On our return from the US the tomatoes were still ripening up and there had already been a decent crop. I’d like to tell you what variety they are but Gav the sower of tomato seed never thinks it matters to put labels in pots. So we just eat and enjoy. Homemade tomato pasta sauce anyone?

(I noticed that the tomato photo is overexposed. Need to work on that in the blog upload)

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