Lost in a daydream

I took my sisters dog Emily, the mad Dalmatian, to the park this morning. Allsorts of stuff is floating around in my head at the moment as there are huge changes about to happen so it was great to get out into a perfect autumn Monday morning. Sunny and bright but crisp and made me feel great. And while we wandered around the little lake I got lost in the dream of perfect walks in the park and how they could fit neatly into my life. On days like these I believe anything is possible. And then, for the first time since I was a little kid, following a gentle gust of wind I caught a leaf as it fluttered to the ground.


It’s raggedy and yet perfect.

You may have noticed the mug in the shot above. I’m using my Emma Bridgewater Pumpkin mug in honour of Halloween. I have collected so many of these pretty mugs in all the various designs and now my cupboard is too full for me to buy anymore.

Anyway I digress. Back to my perfect walk in the park. After I’d caught my leaf, the three swans that had been drifting on the lake treated me to a take-off, not so graceful, and landing, quite graceful. And their wings caught the sunlight beautifully and made my heart soar even more.

So while I may be poised on the edge of life altering things life out there is still wondrous and beautiful and full of possibilities.

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